Sunday, November 6, 2011

Etude House Pink Water – Pink is Sweet

Good morning!!!
 I woke up early and it just felt like it is still October!!! The wet weather makes me calm and I just want to enjoy my weirdest coffee… sweet and warm.  I don’t like it hot. LOL
Husby is having his post studies at the Ateneo de Manila every summer which means I am left here in Ilocos Norte.  I could only enjoy minimal shops, a mini Robinson’s mall and local bazaars.  So he is very much aware that my fetishes could not be found anywhere here.  Guess what, he shops at Etude House for me!!! I find it really cute… my husby and the pink card…I am just hilarious laughing every time I think of it. For the love of the wife!!!

So to share, he knows I am charmed by anything pink and I fancy scents so he decided to get me Etude House Pink Water Pink is Sweet.  Love it!!!
It is a cute perfumed body spray in 160 ml bottle adorned with dainty pink hearts and flowers.  So adorable concept very girly… very young … very fresh…

Its sweet scent reminds me of happiness, fun and love!  The more you spray it the more you’ll find it irresistible. It gives you the refreshing feel even if you overdo it.  Some scents will make you faint when you do that. LOL.
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
When you love mild addicting scent then this one is cool for you.
It is very affordable (Php675.00 if I may recall it.)
It can last long for a body spray.
With no second thoughts I will buy it again.
With lots of love, happy Sunday to all!!!
blast from the past - my husby

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