Monday, November 28, 2011

Etude House Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua

Good evening!!!

Husby went to Baguio last weekend to attend a Social Science summit.  And as usual, he again was first to explore Etude House Baguio Branch to buy me gifts.  My location doesn’t give me the luxury to explore my favorite shops, I’m happy he does it for me.  LOL, I’m glad he was not embarrassed to go shopping for women stuff considering his manly looks. 

He got me the Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua and a Drawing Eyebrow (brown).    He definitely knows what will make me happy. =) I’m impressed! 

lovely cute box from husby

I will be talking about the powder first.

To give an overview, this is a loose powder for translucent glowing finish with oil-absorbing coverage.

product overview and instructions

Since I got an oily skin, sadly with pimps (haysss) lately, I use this after my favorite bb cream underneath to conceal the blemishes.  I use the one with great oil control and tea tree essence bb to keep them from multiplying LOL.  The powder is so fine and when used to set the bb cream / liquid foundation, it is so sheer with a light shimmer giving you a glow almost naturally blooming skin.  A matte finish skin topped with a little bit of translucent shimmer is just perfect. =)

first rate powder

super sheer

Oil control is good, it never gave me the greasy look after few hours (had to blot it of course) instead a healthy glow.   

This comes in a dainty pot with porcelain pink cover and a very very soft puff to gather the powder.  I love how the puff felt on skin, velvety and gentle.  I needed something gentle because of my skin condition.  (A rough puff getting contact with the face / skin can irritate blemishes more.)

the pot...very inviting =)

the puff that I love the most

small holes for controlled dispensing

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

            -oil control is great for a shimmery powder
            -translucent / sheer coverage
            -light shimmer giving the skin a healthy glow
            -very fine loose powder
            -soft like rose petals puff

            -scented, its light though
            -a bit expensive Php628.00, can be bought at any Etude House Stores

Overall… must have for KPOP enthusiast like me. =)



  1. love ur review po. I will be trying this. Jenny

  2. I love this! Will try this. :)
    I will also review this in my site. ^_^