Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask

Good afternoon!!!

I am quite bored from my second day of vacation leave, actually I am consuming my leave credits before the year ends.  I still have plenty though… =)  I decided to try this hair mask which I got from my online haul (Thanks gailygirl as usual for a smooth transaction).

I keep on telling all through this blog “naman” that I was not blessed with a great hair plus I do a lot of harmful styling.  My hair has been exposed to hair dye several times, ironing and curling so it’s but normal to feel it dry hehehe.  Salon hair treatments are good but kinda expensive so once in a while I do self hot oils or spas.

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask


“Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask is a hair treatment essence and cap moisturize improve hair health with nano-capsulated ceramide and botanical extracts.  Specially formulated to treat dry, damaged hair and scalp by balancing moisture and oil levels to promote healthy hair shine and texture.  Ideal for perm or dye treated hair.”  From the pack…

instructions and contents

It comes with 2 parts which is really new to me, a hair treatment and essence hair cap.  I usually treat my hair at home but products I buy do not contain an essence cap.

1.     1. Hair Treatment        
the treatment mask

It contains ceramide which improves hair health by penetrating each strand.  It repairs the natural properties of hair, decreases the breakage due to brittleness caused by relaxing, rebonding, bleaching, perming, coloring, etc.
It has lavender extracts and fragrances which is very calming.  These flower extracts promotes relaxation and lifts mood of people who have sleeping disorders.
It contains botanical extracts which balances the moisture and oil levels of the scalp to keep it from drying which harnesses bacteria that causes flaking or dandruff.

thick, lavender scented hair mask

            Directions… wet your hair, if you want shampoo it first, then apply the treatment to “slightly” wet hair (towel dried) from root to tips.

2.      2. Essence Hair Cap
the accupoints and essence cap inside

It looks pretty normal to me when I opened the other side of the pack, the shower cap comes in pretty pink just like the ones we can get at the grocery.  But when you take a look on the lining of the cap it contains a minimal essence, kind of oily thing =).

the essence cap

            Directions…cover the treatment coated hair with cap and massage the designated accupoints illustrated in the cover for 10 to 15 minutes.  So, I think this is what makes this treatment special.  The essence in the cap is used to promote good health as well, since the instruction says to massage points that improve blood circulation, soothe minor aches, scalp and hairline care, relieves muscle tension, stress relief and refreshing sensation.

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

-       I will definitely buy this again and treat my hair once a week
-       No =(
-       Love the lavender scent – relaxed me bigtime
-       It helped my treated hair, continuous usage will surely improve the condition
-       Very affordable for Php175.00 (almost USD 4.00) It's available at Etude House Stores.

It is such a good thing to keep the boredom away.  I was able to treat my hair, got relaxed and felt relived from all worries…

That’s it for today…annyeong!

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