Sunday, November 6, 2011

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring #3 Natural Brown

Out of curiosity, I purchased my first ever Korean hair color, Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring from my favorite ebay reseller, Gailygirl.  Though I had been into different hair treatments, it will be my first time to use a bubble hair color. 
This item had been in my closet for a while, mainly because I was always busy.  I had my closet cleaned up today so I decided to give it a try.
It comes in a usual box, just like any other hair coloring product, along with the instructions and complete package.
1.     Hair coloring packet 30ml.

2.    Oxidizer, Micro Bubble Booster in a pump bottle 50ml.

3.    Silky Perfumed Treatment

4.    Pair of gloves
5.    Plastic aipron (protects the clothes from stains)
 The problem now is that everything is in Korean hehehe. I am scared to just rely on the diagrams provided.  Good thing my reseller already emailed me the simplified English how-to’s of this item.
Step 1. Mix hair coloring packet with pump bottle. (Mix well)
Step 2. Use the provided gloves; dispense generous amount.
Step 3. Apply evenly to hair, avoid skin and eyes areas.

Step 4. Massage dye into hair until evenly covered; rinse off after 30 minutes.

Then I dispensed a few on my palm and to my surprise it came out in white foam (like a hair mousse).
It is a shampoo bubble type hair dye!!! What a nice way to color the hair alone, no worries of staining my ears or my shirt. I definitely enjoyed the application, which I don’t previously since I cannot color my hair on my own other than either asking my mom or going to my favorite salon.  I mean hair dyeing is pretty messy if done the traditional way right?
After 30 minutes, went to shower and rinsed it off with shampoo.   I got scared because as soon as my hair felt the water it turned to something really really dry. It felt like a rough wood and I cannot even run my fingers through it.  Ommo, I was feeling really dizzy and nervous!!! I am already imagining the worst, having my hair shaved!!! LOL  But when I applied the Silky Perfumed Treatment, just seconds, my hair felt soft in an instant!  Whewww, I was relieved.  I left it for a few minutes and then totally rinsed it off.

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts
Easy self application, very very convenient.
No stains
I love it and I will definitely buy it again.

So that’s my hair coloring experiment for the day!  We went to my friend’s birthday with my brand new hair.


  1. does it dry the hair out? :)

  2. You hav to use the treatment pack that goes with it. So far my hair felt normal :)

  3. I super love this product! I got the same shade and asked my cousin to color my hair for me. Love it! You look great in that color!

  4. Hi lady e! Thanks for dropping by, it is very convenient to color the hair right?

  5. hi! nice hair color! may i know what color your hair was before treatment? and do you think it's enough for long thick hair?

  6. btw, how's your hair turned out now?

    thanks in advance!

  7. Youll just have to maintain it sis with treatment and conditioner... I think my hair color prior to this is light brown