Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask

Good afternoon!!!

I am quite bored from my second day of vacation leave, actually I am consuming my leave credits before the year ends.  I still have plenty though… =)  I decided to try this hair mask which I got from my online haul (Thanks gailygirl as usual for a smooth transaction).

I keep on telling all through this blog “naman” that I was not blessed with a great hair plus I do a lot of harmful styling.  My hair has been exposed to hair dye several times, ironing and curling so it’s but normal to feel it dry hehehe.  Salon hair treatments are good but kinda expensive so once in a while I do self hot oils or spas.

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask


“Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask is a hair treatment essence and cap moisturize improve hair health with nano-capsulated ceramide and botanical extracts.  Specially formulated to treat dry, damaged hair and scalp by balancing moisture and oil levels to promote healthy hair shine and texture.  Ideal for perm or dye treated hair.”  From the pack…

instructions and contents

It comes with 2 parts which is really new to me, a hair treatment and essence hair cap.  I usually treat my hair at home but products I buy do not contain an essence cap.

1.     1. Hair Treatment        
the treatment mask

It contains ceramide which improves hair health by penetrating each strand.  It repairs the natural properties of hair, decreases the breakage due to brittleness caused by relaxing, rebonding, bleaching, perming, coloring, etc.
It has lavender extracts and fragrances which is very calming.  These flower extracts promotes relaxation and lifts mood of people who have sleeping disorders.
It contains botanical extracts which balances the moisture and oil levels of the scalp to keep it from drying which harnesses bacteria that causes flaking or dandruff.

thick, lavender scented hair mask

            Directions… wet your hair, if you want shampoo it first, then apply the treatment to “slightly” wet hair (towel dried) from root to tips.

2.      2. Essence Hair Cap
the accupoints and essence cap inside

It looks pretty normal to me when I opened the other side of the pack, the shower cap comes in pretty pink just like the ones we can get at the grocery.  But when you take a look on the lining of the cap it contains a minimal essence, kind of oily thing =).

the essence cap

            Directions…cover the treatment coated hair with cap and massage the designated accupoints illustrated in the cover for 10 to 15 minutes.  So, I think this is what makes this treatment special.  The essence in the cap is used to promote good health as well, since the instruction says to massage points that improve blood circulation, soothe minor aches, scalp and hairline care, relieves muscle tension, stress relief and refreshing sensation.

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

-       I will definitely buy this again and treat my hair once a week
-       No =(
-       Love the lavender scent – relaxed me bigtime
-       It helped my treated hair, continuous usage will surely improve the condition
-       Very affordable for Php175.00 (almost USD 4.00) It's available at Etude House Stores.

It is such a good thing to keep the boredom away.  I was able to treat my hair, got relaxed and felt relived from all worries…

That’s it for today…annyeong!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Etude House Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua

Good evening!!!

Husby went to Baguio last weekend to attend a Social Science summit.  And as usual, he again was first to explore Etude House Baguio Branch to buy me gifts.  My location doesn’t give me the luxury to explore my favorite shops, I’m happy he does it for me.  LOL, I’m glad he was not embarrassed to go shopping for women stuff considering his manly looks. 

He got me the Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua and a Drawing Eyebrow (brown).    He definitely knows what will make me happy. =) I’m impressed! 

lovely cute box from husby

I will be talking about the powder first.

To give an overview, this is a loose powder for translucent glowing finish with oil-absorbing coverage.

product overview and instructions

Since I got an oily skin, sadly with pimps (haysss) lately, I use this after my favorite bb cream underneath to conceal the blemishes.  I use the one with great oil control and tea tree essence bb to keep them from multiplying LOL.  The powder is so fine and when used to set the bb cream / liquid foundation, it is so sheer with a light shimmer giving you a glow almost naturally blooming skin.  A matte finish skin topped with a little bit of translucent shimmer is just perfect. =)

first rate powder

super sheer

Oil control is good, it never gave me the greasy look after few hours (had to blot it of course) instead a healthy glow.   

This comes in a dainty pot with porcelain pink cover and a very very soft puff to gather the powder.  I love how the puff felt on skin, velvety and gentle.  I needed something gentle because of my skin condition.  (A rough puff getting contact with the face / skin can irritate blemishes more.)

the pot...very inviting =)

the puff that I love the most

small holes for controlled dispensing

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

            -oil control is great for a shimmery powder
            -translucent / sheer coverage
            -light shimmer giving the skin a healthy glow
            -very fine loose powder
            -soft like rose petals puff

            -scented, its light though
            -a bit expensive Php628.00, can be bought at any Etude House Stores

Overall… must have for KPOP enthusiast like me. =)


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Etude House Peel So Good Foam Cleanser – Diamond Peel

Hello ladies,

I know a lot have already reviewed this next product but I still want to share my thoughts on this, you know good things are meant to be shared right?

I am always busy at work for 5 days a week and on my rest days I always spend it doing the “mom duties” like housekeeping, cooking, laundry etc.  So you see, hands-on mom like me doesn’t have the luxury time to visit the facial salons that often.  Thanks goodness I was able to get Etude House Peel So Good Foam Cleanser Diamond Peel (other options include Enzyme Peel and Natural Peel) so I can enjoy an inexpensive and gentle exfoliation at the convenience of my home.

Etude house Peel so Good Diamond Peel is DIAMOND Powder formulated facial cleanser that softly exfoliates the dead cells on the skin surface, it helps detoxify the skin by cleaning the clogged pores that causes imperfections like acne and blemishes and reduces the appearance of fine lines as well. 

crystal clear

diamond powder formula

The skin needs to be cleaned (it may vary on skin type), for normal skin, this cleanser can be used once a week, for oily skin, this can be used 2 to 3 times a week. 

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

I love how the micro beads / almost powdery grains massage my face.  It is very gentle I don’t worry of getting those ugly “peeling skin” or redness. The diamond powder content is very fine but you can feel its wonders by cleaning the skin from deep within giving you the instant softness and brightness after washing it . 

I, having an oily and sensitive skin use this once a week.  I like it rinsing my face with cold water afterwards (coldwater can close the pores).


Very affordable – Php348.00 (almost USD 9.00) for 130 ml available in Etude House Stores.
It makes the skin bright and healthy looking.
It dries out the zits.
It reduces blemishes.
It is very gentle.

Yeheyyy hubby just got home from an out of town seminar,  gotta go!!! Good morning!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Missha Sponsored and Frozen Blossoms Pre-Christmas Giveaway (CLOSED)

I would like to thank everyone for supporting my Frozen Blossoms’ first ever giveaway.  Many of you joined my mini raffle and I was very pleased with the result.  I am having my second giveaway together with Missha Philippines who unselfishly shared their products and I hope you will support this the same way you supported the first.

Please see the items that we are giving away…

5 pcs Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge Mini 5 color Lip Palette NO.1

5 pcs Missha Sheet Masks (Blueberry, Tea Tree, Aloe, Pomegranate and Brown Rice with Honey)

Trial sizes…  Missha Perfect Cover BB Cram No. 23
                        Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream
                        Missha All-around Safe Block
                        Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
                        Missha Night Revolution Science Activator
                        Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream
                        Missha Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream

Plus surprise gifts from Frozen Blossoms.

 1.   Like Missha Philippines Facebook Page.
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  4.   Post a comment (Blogspot and Facebook).
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 This will give you 3 entries. For more entries here is how…

   Facebook referral
      1. Share and tag 5 of your friends, each should like Frozen Blossoms Facebook Page.

 2. Complete 5 likes from your friends will automatically give you additional 3 entries.

Post on my facebook wall the list of your 5 friends who liked my page.

This giveaway will run from November 25, 2011 until December 15, 2011.  Five (five) winners will be announced on December 16, 2011.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Items will be shipped to winners and the freight cost will be shouldered by Frozen Blossoms.

This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

Enjoy and have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missha Raspberry Body Mist

Hello ladies!!!

I’m quite sleepy and got my back almost injured from a wrong stretching position… aigoo what a day! But I am always thankful for my blessings despite some disappointing situations. Well, everybody has their own shares of bad luck!!!  And speaking of stress I have this blog to let it all out.  I just love it…

So tonight I will be sharing something relaxing, very good for a pretty tiring day, it is actually a gift from Missha Philippines – Missha Raspberry Body Mist.  Thank you so much again Ms. Noemi Ronquillo.  I super love gifts. Who wouldn’t want one? Tell me. =)

Body mists come in spray used to hydrate the skin.  It is best used after taking a shower to bring back the lost moisture.  Just spray it all over the body to keep the skin scented and moisturized all day.

 The Missha Body Mist contains vitamin rich Raspberry extract which nourishes, rehydrates, soothes weather damaged skin and restores the natural moisture of the skin.  It is also known as a natural anti aging.

It contains active milk protein which is best for renewal of damaged and aging skin plus it is an excellent skin whitening and brightening agent.  Thus continuous use of this body mist will provide you with a shiny and healthy skin.

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

I just love spraying this all over my body after I take my morning shower before going to work.  Mists are aqua based so it is absorbed by the skin easily, giving you the instant fresh raspberry scented and hydrated skin all through the day with all the nourishment needed.  It never gave me the sticky or greasy feeling you get from other moisturizing products (lotion effect) so it is very ideal in very warm locations like Philippines.


I have been using this every day since I got it and I must say my skin felt soft, smooth, bright and moist-full and it maintains my complexion despite the inevitable sun when I go out for lunch without sun protection.

soft and flawless

I’m favoring this mist now over my traditional body lotions because it felt way way lighter on skin. It felt like “after shower” always. =)

The scent is much much loved… sweet like raspberries especially after it got absorbed by the skin. 

Pretty reasonable price at Php770.00 (it may vary depending on the existing store / online promos) for 175ml and you can get it at Missha Store Upper Ground Level SM North Edza Annex, Landmark Trinoma or you can visit their Missha Philippines Facebook Page and order online as well.

Till next time...

Night night peeps!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

Good evening,

I have been one of the many girls not blessed with a black silky hair.  But honestly, I never envied those who have (I admire but not a fan) mainly because I am an anime fan and I do a lot of hair styling, curling, perming, rebonding and hair coloring (I get bored easily).  So you see, my hair had been exposed to different chemicals which worsen its dryness aside from the fact that I got a wavy, almost brown hair which I got from my mother’s side, talking about hereditary (not the typical Asian silky hair).

Tonight, I just want to share a short review of Etude House Silky Hair Repair Essence.

It is a concentrated leave on oil complex specially formulated to coat split ends, to bring lustrous shine and to provide long lasting moisture leaving the hair instantly looking healthier, silkier, and smoother.  Its scent is floral which keeps the hair smelling good all through the day.

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

The essence comes in thick oil, not runny.  I love to apply it after I towel-dry my hair while it is still damp from bathing. I apply what is needed with due concentration to tips and dry areas.  I don’t apply too much on the roots because our scalp produces natural oil and adding an essence will make it limp. 

As had been mentioned above, I had been into a lot of chemicals and my hair has been stressed out too.  This one is like a daily nutrition to bring back its normal bounce and life.  I have been using this for quite some time, more than two weeks I guess, and I can really see the improvement on the texture.  I look healthier actually and not haggard (dry hair can make you look haggard).

I also love to keep my hair smell good always.  The floral sweet scent, which I also find irresistible, makes me confident that even on a hectic day when I get a little bit sweaty at work, my hair is still sweet-scented. Just imagine getting a hug from your love one anytime… that would be so embarrassing if you smell otherwise right? =)

Lastly, the packaging is pretty Etude House’s style, very girly and handy.  You can fit it in your handbag.  It comes in a small-mouthed pump which will control the amount you want to dispense.

The price is pretty decent for only Php378.00 (almost USD 10), available at any Etude House outlets or you can pre-order it online. We got many resellers of Korean products lately.

Overall rating, I love it and I will definitely buy this one again.

Goodnight peeps!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream (SPF27, PA++)

My goodness, Monday will always be my most hated day since the day I entered school and the day I started to work.  I know many will agree with me right?  It will always be an exhausting day (lol)!  Thank you now because we can take pleasure from the thrilling social world.  Honestly, I get relaxed from blog hopping, chatting with friends and online shopping and BLOGGING.

So I’m dropping a review of an online find again – Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream.

First, Innisfree is a brand that created a wide range of natural and organic product line which includes skincare, body care, hair care and cosmetics which aims to correct problematic skin types.  This brand is currently endorsed by Yoona, member of the popular girl group in Korea, Girls’ Generation.

So let’s get started...

I was immediately drawn to purchase this BB cream because it says trouble care and it contains elements to make skin smooth and clear.

quite thick
creamy but blending is easy
 1. Tea tree oil has been proven to make wonders in the field of skincare as it disinfects the skin and is very effective against bacteria and in treating common acne.  I, having occasional break outs, badly need something like this.
2. Herbal essences hydrate the skin, keeping it moisturized and preventing it from aging.
 3. American Mint refreshes and calms tired and stressed skin making it energized and beautiful.
4.  Vitamin A repairs skin from sun damage.

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…


-                 - It has good buildable coverage depending on skin condition.
-                 - Dewy and glowing finish
-                 - Not so thick and creamy texture
-                 - Easy blending
-                 - Scent easily ceases after the bb cream sets
-                 - SPF 27 PA++ for enough protection against hamful UV rays
-                 - 35 ml tube that comes in a pump
-                 - No additional bumps so far
-                -  Ideal for normal to oily acne prone skin


-                - Not so good oil control, it made my face oily but blotting it once in a while will do, In fairness to the BB cream my skin is really really oily (maybe I need to set it with a powder)
       - Php 600.00 - not so affordable

  So that’s it, have a wonderful evening peeps, annyeong!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frozen Blossoms’ First Giveaway Winners

Hello Sunday!!!

I would like to thank everybody who had participated on my mini giveaway, I am very grateful on your eagerness and comments.

Thank you also to my friends who had been very supportive on promoting this hobby of mine.

The winners had been chosen randomly.

Winner 1 – Tricia Mae Farin

Winner 2 – Maryrose Lim

Winner 3 – Aiya Villanueva Balingit

Sent emails.

Congratulations ladies!!!

Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher (#1)

The quest for good make ups will always be my habit, so good to break.  I just want to share something wonderful tonight which I got from an online sale – Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher in peach pink (#1).


pretty in pink

This blusher has a soft creamy texture and silky finish powder which is easy and smooth to apply and blend on the cheeks well (I use my fingertips to blend). I got the peach pink color but I must say it gives me the natural soft pink flush, not too bright and not too shimmery, just a healthy glow. Love it! 
creamy like a lipstick

pinkish glow

almost nothing

It comes in a cute pink Cinderella themed packaging, Lioele’s trademark, which I always love since I am a “pink” fan.  

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

    -  Pretty handy
-                     -    I love the natural flush
-                     -     It is oil based blush but it doesn’t make the cheeks oily
-       -            -     You can apply it on top of your BB cream or foundation
-                     -     It’s pink and girly hehehe
-                     -     Long lasting, blooming all through the day

Honestly, I don’t have any complaints on this.  I just love wearing it every day.  My officemate did praise how natural the blush is.

Hehehe… Husby, kiddo and I went to watch Breaking Dawn today… just showcasing Lioele’s effect.

everyday blush

Frozen Blossoms' Giveaway  is almost over, click the link on how to join, thank you.

Good night!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you Missha Philippines

Ellow peeps!!!

My most awaited day finally came, my blog received its first ever gift!!! Who wouldn’t want it?  Thank you so much to Missha Philippines for unselfishly sharing and reaching out to newbie blogger like me. 

It is true… the first time is always the sweetest, it felt heaven when they told me to visit their branch at SM North EDSA the Annex Upper Ground Level so I could meet them and pick up some gifts for the blog.  Unluckily I was based here in Ilocos, and it saddened me because I missed the opportunity to explore the shop, chit chat about the products and, shop as well.  I had the items picked up by my brother and had it sent to me.  Thank you to Ms. Noemi, I will definitely visit the branch when I go to Manila.

Missha is currently making its wave here in the Philippines, I first came to know about it when I watched the Korean Drama “A love to kill”, which starred two of the most bankable stars of South Korea Rain and my ultimate beauty icon Shi Min Ah.  And honestly I have tried some of their products which I got online and fell in love, Missha The Style Collection --  4d Mascara, Liquid Sharp Eyeliner, Under Eye Brightener to name a few. 

I’m now in the quest to try other variants from Missha as they offer a wide range of first rate and recognized skincare, body care, make up, fragrance and hair care products worldwide.

You may visit Missha Philippines Facebook Page!!!

Sneak peek to the gifts sent…

For my next giveaway…

Missha Sheet Masks -  Tea Tree, Aloe, Pomegranate, Bluberry and Brown Rice with Honey.
Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge Mini 5 Color Lip Palette No.1
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream (Trial Sizes)
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ No. 23

For Frozen Blossoms…

Missha Gift set that contains Raspberry Body Mist, Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam(trial), Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ No. 23 (trial) and All Around Sun Block SPF 50+ / PA+++

Good night!!! I’ll keep you posted on my next Missha Giveaway!!!