Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shea it isn’t so True Blue Spa by Bath & Body Works

Good evening!!! Gosh… it has been ages since I wrote something for this blog.  Corporate world is time and strength consuming that I usually eat, lie down or sleep after work (no time for my hobbies lately).

Well, tonight I Just want to share something good I think for all ages most especially to ladies entering the sexy Cougars stage (early 30’s and up) hehehe. You might have noticed the thickening of the heels, especially those who wear close shoes everyday..right? So here goes my tale…
I can still remember my mom always say my heels were like Macopa fruit—soft and bright pink . Ouch… too nice to be young and fresh lol.  Now, as I age I can see how things change especially the skin if not treated well…darn my feet, my heels tend to get really really dry and wrinkly. Oh boy am I that old?  I have tried going to different spa here in Ilocos but it only made the dry skin go back and grow thicker.
So, to save the cash plus the time, I just decided to moisturize it with my body lotion once in a while but I tend to be so lazy applying lotion on my ankles down to my heels  hehehe. I really don’t know why (an effective foot lotion that can be applied once in a while is badly needed)!
Good thing my granny gave me this foot cream—Shea it isn’t so the original shea butter foot cream from True Blue SPA by Bath & Body Works.  I just love this 3 in 1 miracle!!!  It got superb ingredients, Shea butter that moisturizes the skin keeping it smooth, young and soft.  It also contains Avocado oil that conditions the skin keeping it healthy and nourished. And lastly, It has Eucalyptus Extract that refreshes and cools the skin to keep it relaxed.  Nothing really hydrates like this foot cream preventing rough spots.
Comparing this to the regular body lotion, it is quite thick and sticky and I must say greasy…  so  I use this every night only before bedtime with my favorite socks on. I don’t wear this on day time because it tends to be very slippery when you get sweaty (very inconvenient). 
I must say, it did pretty well, I am not a fan of foot spa – it’s expensive and tickly!!! So this one is something I can do anytime at the convenience of my home.
We can never prevent getting old but it is really nice if we age gracefully right?

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