Monday, October 31, 2011

My First The Face Shop Nail Art

While tuned in to MTV Asia, I am busy trying to figure out anything cool to get thru this boring night (I was writing this last night at around 11pm).  Hubby is out partying and I am running out of something to keep myself busy so I decided to do some manicure. Hahaha good luck to me!!!

Since it will be Halloween soon, I opted to paint my nails black.  Good thing I have the Bobbie Regular Kohl!  It gives the nails sexy matte black. I find it dull…unexciting though so I tried to use the The Face Shop Nail Art Collection I purchased during my last visit in Manila.  Pretty flowery 3d rubber cuts in peach and lilac, some of them have acrylic stones (just like small crystals) at the center. 
It looks simple to apply… the instruction says…
1.      After cleaning nails, apply nail color or base coat.
Ommo!!! With all the effort I carefully applied the black polish.  I had troubles doing it actually hehehe,  I was stressed cleaning the sides. LOL

2.      Peel back stickers using tweezers or fingers.
Gosh was that the hardest? I lost 2 pretty stickers huhuhu.  I kept on ruining my nails while trying to pick them using my fingers.  Awwww… Tweezers make it easier I guess or I should have asked somebody to do this part.

3.      Press firmly over nails for complete adhesion.
The stickers kept on falling every time I try to stick them on my still wet nails. But once you get it right on the area you want to place them.  They do really stick well.  You need a lot of patience in doing this or else you will end up ruining everything and start all over again.

4.      Apply top coat to keep sticker from peeling.
And then lastly, I used the Bobbie Natural Tint to seal the stickers.
needs more practice on nail polish application=)

The Face Shop Nail Stickers

Not bad for my first nail art. hehehe 
After forever was almost over, I was very pleased with the outcome.   Lovely flowers on top of my black nails made my holloween look pretty and girly!!!