Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missha M BB Boomer

Hello ladies!!!

Another long time review I’ve been meaning to write.  Gee, I have been busy as always.
Boomer, it made me really curious as to what a boomer is in the cosmetic industry.  I had another 3 pieces sample that can be used in more or less 2 weeks which I think is good enough to test it on my skin.
So here goes my tale…
“Missha M BB Boomer is a BB boosting cream, which boosts the adherence and duration of BB Cream and makes your skin brighter when applied before BB cream. Its pearl, antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients make your skin more radiant while leaving it moisturized.”  - from the packaging itself.

In short this boomer thing is used as a primer or your base before any favorite BB cream.  I first used this when I attended Budjoy’s christening.  I was indeed pleased with the effect on my skin. The event took place at around 3 pm. And it was really really hot that time.  I was sweating like crazy.  The pearl content gave me the glowing look, radiant and bright! I felt blooming hehehe.  

It was a lovely day and the boomer added something great to my day.  I felt pretty. Lol But as time ticked, I can feel it turning really really oily, I have to blot it every chance I got (got a really oily skin).  The good thing is the make up or the BB cream did not come off.  It did extend everything.
But as I use it, days after days, I can feel small bumps on my forehead and jaw line whenever I wash my face at night.  Then one morning, I was shocked to see more than 10 bumps.   OMG I’m breaking out big time (But in fairness, my skin is not that great lately). The PMS, stress and warm temperature I think complicated everything.
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
I'll have my skin completely healed and try it again (to be fair).  I think this product will be great for those with dry to normal skin types. At the bright side, the pearly glow is really really hot!

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