Monday, October 31, 2011

My First The Face Shop Nail Art

While tuned in to MTV Asia, I am busy trying to figure out anything cool to get thru this boring night (I was writing this last night at around 11pm).  Hubby is out partying and I am running out of something to keep myself busy so I decided to do some manicure. Hahaha good luck to me!!!

Since it will be Halloween soon, I opted to paint my nails black.  Good thing I have the Bobbie Regular Kohl!  It gives the nails sexy matte black. I find it dull…unexciting though so I tried to use the The Face Shop Nail Art Collection I purchased during my last visit in Manila.  Pretty flowery 3d rubber cuts in peach and lilac, some of them have acrylic stones (just like small crystals) at the center. 
It looks simple to apply… the instruction says…
1.      After cleaning nails, apply nail color or base coat.
Ommo!!! With all the effort I carefully applied the black polish.  I had troubles doing it actually hehehe,  I was stressed cleaning the sides. LOL

2.      Peel back stickers using tweezers or fingers.
Gosh was that the hardest? I lost 2 pretty stickers huhuhu.  I kept on ruining my nails while trying to pick them using my fingers.  Awwww… Tweezers make it easier I guess or I should have asked somebody to do this part.

3.      Press firmly over nails for complete adhesion.
The stickers kept on falling every time I try to stick them on my still wet nails. But once you get it right on the area you want to place them.  They do really stick well.  You need a lot of patience in doing this or else you will end up ruining everything and start all over again.

4.      Apply top coat to keep sticker from peeling.
And then lastly, I used the Bobbie Natural Tint to seal the stickers.
needs more practice on nail polish application=)

The Face Shop Nail Stickers

Not bad for my first nail art. hehehe 
After forever was almost over, I was very pleased with the outcome.   Lovely flowers on top of my black nails made my holloween look pretty and girly!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look at My Lips by Etude House

Who doesn’t want luscious lips? No one ayt?
Guess what? I just had another favorite from Etude House.  I just love their Look at my lips line!!!
I got the number 3 in almost pink almost peach shade.  I am a sucker for these colors. LOL It makes me feel young… look young and really really vibrant.

The texture is somewhat mousse like, creamy thus making the color alive and at the same time subtle.
It keeps my lips moisturized the whole day. I don’t have to put any lip balm underneath plus the natural shine makes it a lot pouty and luscious hehehe, I don’t have to top it off with any gloss. 

You’ll have your crush turn his head and stare at your sexy lips. LOL No kidding, it does make wonders and adds confidence. So if you have been troubled by crusty lips caused by the windy afternoon, try this one and be certain that it will change your day.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Budget BB Cream Online Haul

Girls hardest habit to break, shopping!!!
Just want to show a sneak peek of my latest bb cream haul, the next items in line on my list for reviews.  And as usual I buy them from my favorite ebayer, Gailygirl.  Thank you sis for the bunch of must- loved freebies you always give every time I purchase in your online store.

To start with, I always fancied blemish balm creams.  Ever since I started this blog, most reviews I write included them.  I have fallen in love, that’s why!!!  
I opted to purchase 3 inexpensive bb creams from top brands. 

I’m so excited to try them and write about it! LOL
The best thing when I shop online is the piles of freebies I get. Gailygirl gave me one piece Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet, 1 sample size Tony Moly Florida Pore-tightening Toner, 1 sample size Etude House Aloha Sunrise Morning Pack and 1 sample size Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo and Hair Treatment.

Till here… and watch out for all my upcoming reviews.

Thank you!!! Mwah!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Latest The Face Shop and Etude House Haul


I’m finally home sweet home after a round trip company initiated training in Manila.  The 3 days business trip was indeed fun-filled.  We were housed at the very cozy and glamorous Diamond Hotel located in the busy Roxas Blvd.  The stay was very comfortable and yes 100% relaxing.  I love the amenities and location.
Me and my colleagues (Maan, Leila, Ria and Sharon) flew via Philippine Airlines, I would like to commend the Laoag crew for the very nice accommodation to Smart Laoag staff.  They never failed to make everything worry free and convenient for us.
We arrived timely in Manila, dropped our things at the hotel and decided to immediately go shopping at SM Mall of Asia, I am dying to check SM Mega Mall’s new Korean cosmetic shops but the afternoon drizzle was a kill joy plus it was a long drive from the hotel.
Maan, Leila, Ria and I decided to have our lunch at everybody’s favorite Japanese fast food Tokyo Tokyo.   We badly needed the energy for the long day shopping galore!!!  It was tiring! If you will sum up all the walking we did through the shops we peeked, we could have reached Batangas!!! LOL
Leila, Ria, ME (Tintin) and Maan
After accompanying them buy all their stuff, it was time for my haul.  And my first stop was The Face Shop. 
Fearless Tintin - thanks Mareng Maan

KHJ signed standee during his last Asian Tour
Ommo… how can I ever forget the day I saw Kim Hyun Joong upclose (1st day and 2nd day).  The memory made me shiver.  Despite the no taking of pictures sign, I asked my colleagues to take a photo of me with the super duper handsome Kim Hyun Joong poster and the signed life-sized standee. The shop is very fresh-looking, the prominent green made the whole look so cool and clean.  It took me ages to decide which bb cream to purchase… they have a wide range of luxurious cosmetics and I was dying inside to splurge. I took my time and carefully checked everything especially the prices. Hahaha I decided to buy their beginners’ bb cream Lovely ME:EX SPF 20, PA++ (Php395.00), nail sticker (Php95.00) and a baby pink clear nail polish with hearts and stars (Php95.00). I’ll be back next time with a bigger wallet. LOL
Then we made a stop at the girl’s paradise, SM Department Store make up counter. Thanks goodness a cute Etude House booth can be found at the center.  I was thrilled to see it.
They got pretty limited stocks though. Almost everything you ask is out of stock.  I concentrated on their cheaper skin care.  Again, it took me years to figure out what to buy. It was a long discussion with the consultant. Lol. I finally decided to close it and purchase Happy Tea Time Green Tea cleansing foam (Php148.00), Peel so good foam cleanser – Diamond Peel (Php348.00), Dress Room Shower Look Shower Cologne (Php378.00), and Look at my lips #3 (Php328.00).  The total haul won me a freebie, I got the Dress Room Sweet Look Body Lotion for free. Sweet!!!
That’s it for the green scarf inside me!!! We had a nice dinner at the Teriyaki boy and since it was the Black Eyed Peas concert, they decided to go and I decided to pass!!!  I already made a commitment with my old friend AB.  I will have my next chance though maybe on their reunion concert. LOL
It was a great day and a good night!!! Another sweet memory to be cherished…lots of love, nonstop laughs, simply called happiness!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missha M BB Boomer

Hello ladies!!!

Another long time review I’ve been meaning to write.  Gee, I have been busy as always.
Boomer, it made me really curious as to what a boomer is in the cosmetic industry.  I had another 3 pieces sample that can be used in more or less 2 weeks which I think is good enough to test it on my skin.
So here goes my tale…
“Missha M BB Boomer is a BB boosting cream, which boosts the adherence and duration of BB Cream and makes your skin brighter when applied before BB cream. Its pearl, antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients make your skin more radiant while leaving it moisturized.”  - from the packaging itself.

In short this boomer thing is used as a primer or your base before any favorite BB cream.  I first used this when I attended Budjoy’s christening.  I was indeed pleased with the effect on my skin. The event took place at around 3 pm. And it was really really hot that time.  I was sweating like crazy.  The pearl content gave me the glowing look, radiant and bright! I felt blooming hehehe.  

It was a lovely day and the boomer added something great to my day.  I felt pretty. Lol But as time ticked, I can feel it turning really really oily, I have to blot it every chance I got (got a really oily skin).  The good thing is the make up or the BB cream did not come off.  It did extend everything.
But as I use it, days after days, I can feel small bumps on my forehead and jaw line whenever I wash my face at night.  Then one morning, I was shocked to see more than 10 bumps.   OMG I’m breaking out big time (But in fairness, my skin is not that great lately). The PMS, stress and warm temperature I think complicated everything.
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
I'll have my skin completely healed and try it again (to be fair).  I think this product will be great for those with dry to normal skin types. At the bright side, the pearly glow is really really hot!

Baviphat BB Magic Girls #1 SPF30/PA++

Good morning world!
Waking up in a nice warm Sunday morning after a whole stressful week is very refreshing.   I had done preparing breakfast for my baby Remus, a healthy oatmeal in milk and chocolate.  After which is a dose of Kim Hyun Joong Lucky Album in full blast.
I just love worry-free mornings!!! This has been a long time article I’ve been re-writing over and over again, I am just out of focus lately that I only write once in a blue moon. Hehehe
I have three sachets sample size Baviphat BB Magic Girls #1 for oily skin (one sample size can be used for almost 3 days)—quite enough for a nice review.
What about it… It is a BB Cream from Baviphat especially formulated for oily skin plus it has SPF30/PA++ for extra protection against harmful UV rays.
The consistency of the product is somewhat lotion-like… not so creamy and thick but not watery just the same, a must love about this product. 

At initial application it felt dewy but as it sets in a few seconds you can enjoy a matte effect on the skin. Since this is formulated specifically for oily skin, the oil control is a three star for me. I had to blot it with tissue or my face paper every time I had the chance. 
 It has a mild powdery scent which gradually lightens as it sets on the skin.  I think the scent is very comforting.
The coverage is very very sheer, I am a fan of transparent BB creams ever since. Sheerness is equivalent to lightness and comfort giving the skin some air to breathe.  But if you have some imperfections to cover like mild to severe scars and bumps then you can add concealer underneath or just add layers of the BB cream.

The color is very ideal for fair skinned Asian women, which I love the most not so white, pale or grayish.
This BB cream is very affordable amongst some good brands. It is worth the buy too.
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
I love this product and I think I will buy it again… but this BB cream has no convincing appeal, the promises can be found in other favorite brands.  It does not have the distinct traits.  Maybe, the packaging is ain’t girly at all (sorry for that).  It says its BB magic girls. Maybe, I was expecting too much from it.
Till here…mwah!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shea it isn’t so True Blue Spa by Bath & Body Works

Good evening!!! Gosh… it has been ages since I wrote something for this blog.  Corporate world is time and strength consuming that I usually eat, lie down or sleep after work (no time for my hobbies lately).

Well, tonight I Just want to share something good I think for all ages most especially to ladies entering the sexy Cougars stage (early 30’s and up) hehehe. You might have noticed the thickening of the heels, especially those who wear close shoes everyday..right? So here goes my tale…
I can still remember my mom always say my heels were like Macopa fruit—soft and bright pink . Ouch… too nice to be young and fresh lol.  Now, as I age I can see how things change especially the skin if not treated well…darn my feet, my heels tend to get really really dry and wrinkly. Oh boy am I that old?  I have tried going to different spa here in Ilocos but it only made the dry skin go back and grow thicker.
So, to save the cash plus the time, I just decided to moisturize it with my body lotion once in a while but I tend to be so lazy applying lotion on my ankles down to my heels  hehehe. I really don’t know why (an effective foot lotion that can be applied once in a while is badly needed)!
Good thing my granny gave me this foot cream—Shea it isn’t so the original shea butter foot cream from True Blue SPA by Bath & Body Works.  I just love this 3 in 1 miracle!!!  It got superb ingredients, Shea butter that moisturizes the skin keeping it smooth, young and soft.  It also contains Avocado oil that conditions the skin keeping it healthy and nourished. And lastly, It has Eucalyptus Extract that refreshes and cools the skin to keep it relaxed.  Nothing really hydrates like this foot cream preventing rough spots.
Comparing this to the regular body lotion, it is quite thick and sticky and I must say greasy…  so  I use this every night only before bedtime with my favorite socks on. I don’t wear this on day time because it tends to be very slippery when you get sweaty (very inconvenient). 
I must say, it did pretty well, I am not a fan of foot spa – it’s expensive and tickly!!! So this one is something I can do anytime at the convenience of my home.
We can never prevent getting old but it is really nice if we age gracefully right?