Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Lover Part 2

I was dead asleep from the strength-draining first day activity Hi Five Event at Trinoma Mall.  From the very sound sleep, I finally recharged my energy for the second day of my exciting “fan girling”.
First itinerary is Kim Hyun Joong’s  the face shop five winners of photo ops in The Face Shop Mall of Asia.  So I started my day by taking a bath early, eating breakfast along the university, buying an extra shopping bag for an extra t-shirt, packing a decent snack, and tucking in a bottle of chilled water.  I learned my lesson from yesterday’s experience. LOL
The Faceshop Asia Tour Ad
My admission Pass
Actually my initial plans did not include the Mall of Asia fan girling. I am supposed to spend the morning with my long time friend to enjoy a hot Starbucks coffee and just chill.   Due to yesterday’s unsuccessful close encounter I decided to pass on this plan and go to the mall instead.  As planned, Roxy and I met at the university and went straight to Mall of Asia, catching up while we were on the trip.  (I was dropped at the mall entrance. LOL)  I must say I am too lucky to have good friends who support anything that makes me happy.  Aigoo…  We will have lots of time on my next visit.  KHJ time is precious which only happens once in a lifetime!!!
I hurried at the back entrance and met Myh.   Safety railings were already prepared for his entrance.   Again, the thrill is running through my spine.  I took a nice spot, just in front of the stairs where he must be coming out.  I was very positive that this time I will get a close view of his beautiful face.  Fellow expectators were already ready with digicams.  We chat once in a while, while waiting for his arrival.
Around 1015, everybody started screaming like crazy.  And there I saw a blond good looking guy climbing the stairs.  I can’t contain my happiness and started screaming at the top of my lungs.   For the first time, I can’t believe what I just saw.  With all the commotion, security and press blocking him, for only like 15 seconds I had a full view of his lovely face.  His skin glittered like pearl, his hair fixed in a neat soft perm, his pants were crisp and well-pressed, his top was simple plain white ¾’s,  the one arm in black made it different and stylish, his nice physique stood out!!! He was far more handsome in person!!!  His eyes are big and they seem to sparkle when he smiles.  I’m blown away!!!  For 15 seconds my world stopped  for a while and then he was gone.  A kid, grabbed my hand, and said, “unnie hurry lets go inside!!!”  With all my might I ran after her and hurried inside the Face Shop, fans were already everywhere, screaming at the sight of him.  Again, the wait seemed forever.  Finally, it was time for him to leave the vicinity.  He walked passed me, and for 4 seconds I was so close that I could see his face, his smile, his eyes.  I wanted to touch him but the screaming overwhelmed the situation. 
Inches away...haysss
Upclose and personal
KHJ leaving Mall Of Asia
I ran outside the veranda to see him and staff left the mall.  I was in cloud 9.  I must say I was very satisfied but I crave for more!!!  I decided to buy a toy for Remus (my 7 years old son)at the Toy Kingdom.  I got him the latest Bumblebee and Megatron transformers. 
At almost lunchtime, I took a cab and went straight to Trinoma mall.
I decided to take a rest while waiting for the The Face Shop Asia Tour at 6pm.  I had my favorite California Maki at Tokyo Tokyo, stayed there for a while, enjoyed my food and my cold tea and just relaxed.  After which I went to look for the nearest restroom to freshen up and change my shirt.  At around 3pm, I went directly to the activity center and as usual fans are building up again.  I saw a bunch of similar faces from yesterday’s event.  And again the fun of meeting girls from different parts of the world awed me.  A group of Henecia Philippines members whom I met the other day at the The Face Shop were already there, and they were very accommodating with the instructions and updates.  I showed them that I do have the t-shirt also and they told me to use it.  With no second thought, I went to look for the nearest restroom again and changed into my fan girl henecian t-shirt.  Then with the clock ticking (the idea of fans piling up again stressed me out), I went to look for the nearest CDRKING branch.   I forgot, I needed an extra memory card for my digicam. Darn!!!  Oh I hate it! If only I got a better camera….Wheww that was fast… I am ready to jam!!!
I hurried back to the activity center and had a great time laughing my heart out with the Henecians.  This time, fan girling seemed more relaxing and convenient with the new friends I found.  It was really fun!!!  The time seemed to tick faster this time that almost unconsciously, I found myself entering the venue with chairs adorned with green balloons (the colors added more excitement to the event).  I took my sit and just waited in anticipation. 
The guests were arranged according to ticket number.  I am very pleased and I commend Henecia Philippines and The Faceshop for a very organized event.  With all the happy faces and music all over, I shiver.  I just love the Kiss Kiss and Please which kept on playing.  Then once in a while they would play KHJ The Faceshop commercial on the projector and again everybody would get crazy cheering.
By exactly 6pm, the pretty host came out of the stage.  Pardon me but I don’t really watch GMA so I don’t know this half Korean half Pinoy who was better known as Ms. Grace?  She was good though and really really pretty.  She facilitated the games with autographed cd’s as give aways.  Lucky winners ha!
By the time it was ready to announce KHJ’s arrival, she then asked everybody to pop the balloons because 5 lucky ones will be getting a one in a million prize inside.  Inside the balloons, the lucky five should get 5 small papers with his initials.  The popping sound of balloons, his music and the chant from fans overwhelmed the whole place.  I, in denim mini skirt, immediately sat on my balloon and boy it won’t just burst.  LOL such a funny experience.  Then I can hear cheering everywhere because 5 initials were already recovered.  Such lucky girls again, they’ll get to have a photo op with the prince!!!
As soon as everybody was settled, Kim Hyun Joong came out of the stage in a very cool and neat suit!!!

At last I can see him clearly!!! I can’t contain my happiness, I have been cheering and shouting like there is no tomorrow. Lol  He must be the most good looking man I have ever seen in my life!!! Honestly, not because I am a fan.  I can’t even grasp the right words to describe him.  He is like a fairy tale prince come alive!!!  He had a brief speech in Korean of course and a little bit of interview.  I was in ecstasy actually hearing his voice live  aigoo!!!  I must be dreaming… pinch me!!!
After the small speech, he then started the autograph signing for the 100 lucky winners from The faceshop, which again, made me very jealous!!!

After he finished, he was standing again in front of us.  Big pretty eyes and the best smile all over the place,  I went near the stage just at the back of the security screaming his name, my left hand on the 143 sign ( Iloveyou) and my right holding the camera.  For a few seconds catching his attention he gave a glimpse and a big smile at my direction… oh gosh that’s a fan’s best day right?  I’m just crazy and happy ha…
Then finally, he had his photo op with the 5 lucky girls.
  I cheered with happiness just savoring the moments of a fan girl!  At the back of my mind I’m telling that I will have that luck too maybe on his next visit lol.
After the event, I bid my friends good bye and exchanged numbers and FB accounts.  
I am hoping that someday we can have a get together!!!  Maybe on his concert next year right?
Till my next adventure!!!

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