Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Confessions of a "KIM HYUN JOONG Lover"

I fell in love with the Korean wave when I first watched Boys Over Flowers.  It was accidental then, I remembered, I saw an episode one afternoon in Abs Cbn (a local channel).  My sister told me that it was the F4.  My era of F4 includes the very famous cast of Meteor Garden, so I said how come only Gerry Yan (I was talking of Lee Min Ho) was casted and the rest was changed.  I thought at that time Gu Jun Pyo was Gerry Yan.  And my sister explained that it was the Korean version of the original Meteor Garden.  I was never a fan then of any Korean or Taiwanese series.  I don’t remember the exact event when I first watched it.  I’m sure it was then 2007, right after my Twilight madness.  It didn’t take me more than three episodes to understand that I am already in love with it and I just can’t contain my fascination of the super kilig story line and its super duper good looking actors.  Honestly, I first loved the great Gu Jun Pyo—I was known in the office as Jun Pyo’s girlfriend.  I watched the drama over and over again.  My baby boy liked JiHoo of BOF.  So when I watch Arirang, I would customarily check for Jihoo updates for my kid (he is now 6).  He loves his blond long hair.  Remus (my son) described Jihoo as an anime character.  Incidentally I, kind of, had a change of heart and began to love Jihoo!!!  I just can’t keep myself from liking his character then.  So I bought anything that casted Kim Hyun Joong.

My son, Remus, adore Kim Hyun Joong so much...

The lovely cast of Boys Over Flowers  
I accidentally saw We got married.  Oh boy, he is sooo good looking!  From then on, I was already hooked with the “walking statue”.  His Playfull Kiss pretty much sealed the deal!!!  From then on I started doing the usual “fangirl thing” like reading blogs, updates and conversing with friends in Hawaii (long time fans even before I set my eyes on this God like creature), joining fan sites, and chat rooms about him.
We got married, My favorite couple Noona Bride, Hwang Bo and Kid Groom, Kim Hyun Joong.
The super handsome Baek Sung jo
The wait for his comeback was eternal… gee when he launched Breakdown, I followed every update and every status of the album etc.
Breakdown - Mini Album of Kim Hyun Joong (Php500.00). It contains 6 tracks.
Finally, when his Asia Tour was announced, I told myself that by hook or by crook I will go to Manila to see him live—this is it!  My hometown, Laoag City, is 12 hours by bus… a very, very exhausting trip I’m ready to take just to see my love…LOL.  I learned on the net that he will be having a High Five Event on August 25, 2011 to promote his Breakdown album and The Face Shop Asia Tour on the 26th.  I immediately checked my office schedule, good heavens the 25th was my restday, and managed to get myself a vacation leave for the 26th.

After  my work on the 24th, I took the 9 PM trip to Manila.  I stayed at my brother’s place, University of Santo Tomas Central Seminary.  He was surprised when he saw me and shocked when I told him the reasons.  He just wanted to be sure that I will be alright.  He and hubby said the same thing. Lol

The view from my room at the seminary gues hall overlooking the old moldy pool, creepy but relaxing.

I arrived 6am, had a nap, and was already in Trinoma Mall by 8am.  Thanks to Myh, a friend I met in Henecia Philippines Facebook account.  She was helpful to usher me to the entrance where a long lined kpop fanatics were already hoping to be in the first 400 who will luckily get to touch my beloved KHJ’s hand.  I was in awe, I never expected that fangirling is like that.  I was expecting convenience.  Oh boy, I was dressed up in denim shorts and towering 4 inches wedge.  I never had my breakfast!!!  And the line seems to stretch forever!!!

By the time I was already in the entrance it was already 1245.  Everything that spells out to be pain changed when I met my fellow fangirls in the line, with whom I exchanged thoughts and love and anticipations of this event.  That made it fun!!! Despite the sweating, standing for long hours,  meeting  new friends is quite worth all the effort!!!  The best part of fangirling is connecting with strangers, building relationships making you a different person!!! It was the best.

By 1245, the Trinoma announced that 84 vip slots were still unclaimed and if by 1pm, these seats will be available it will be given to the waiting fans who did not make it to the first 400.  I was very hopeful!!! The 15 minute wait was like forever!!! Finally, the staff announced that only 24 was available!!! It was frustrating!!! I did not make it!!!  So, I went inside the mall checked out the place with teary eyes and heavy shoulders.  I went to the nearest flipflop outlet , Banana Peel and got myself a nice red elevated flats.  That was comforting!!! After 5 hours of standing in a 4 inches wedge…oh boy I’m in sooo much pain!!!   I went to a nearest convenient store, Mercury drug, bought some wet wipes baby powder and Dove deodorant and hurried to a nearest restroom to freshen up… Oh boy I was refreshed after.
I hurried to the Face Shop store bought items amounting to Php1000.00 plus the Breakdown CD for Php500.00 and there I got an admission pass for the next day event!!!  I would like to commend the staff for being helpful and accommodating!!! I met a lot of unnies there.  It was a nice place to make friends not only to buy something for beauty but a chance to talk about each others’ regimen.


By 3pm, I went to the activity center to check and Oh boy the crowd was thick.  I saw new friends, Joan, Erika etc. and joined them. We were in a nice spot just at the side of the stage. 
We waited there till 6pm with high hopes that we will get a good view of our prince!!!  The clock seemed forever!!! By the time Kim Hyun Joong got out of the stage, I was already drained and was losing my strength.  The crowd went crazy.  I was pressed to the stage railings with the weight of the crowd all over me!!!  I ushered my last strength with the thought of finally seeing his lovely angelic face.  But as expected, I was at the wrong side of the stage no matter how much I screamed with all my remaining strength he won’t look at our direction.  All I can see is his side and the back.  I’m still thrilled though coz I can see how chiseled his features are. But It could have been better if I saw his whole face.  
I met the Henecia Philippines members after the concert and they were very very helpful for the next event.  I went home exhausted but I with all smiles although I only had a glimpse of his beautiful face, nice hair and half of his smile—enough to make my heart very excited.  A fangirl’s wish to see his idol was fulfilled, very simple wish but indeed fulfilling.
When, I was already at the seminary, I can feel that every part of me hurt, I can feel my knees are sore, to my horror I got bad bruises on my knees, I got it from wanting to be near Kim Hyun Joong hehehe. 
I just went to bed and dreamt of him with high hopes for my next fangirl adventure!!!

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