Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base - Pink

Oh my fellow Henecians!!!   Few more sleeps to go and KHJ will be in our midst.  And in preparation for this highly anticipated event, I have been in a quest to find something that will boost our skin.  A product that will make us stand out while cheering, catching KHJ’s eyes…hehehe sadly it is not something from the cosmetic line he is currently endorsing.  It is the Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base…
The sample size I got.
What about it…
“Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is a make up base with waterproof and shining effect.”  It is infused with amino acid ingredients, it keeps skin moist, it contains pearl extract that makes skin more pompous, glamorous and shimmering.
Texture, Color and Scent
The consistency is lotion like in pearly glaze pink (It looks like a frosted baby pink nail polish hehehe). It comes with a sweet citrus scent that gradually fades as the product sets.  I like how the scent comforts me while applying it on my face. 

Effect on skin
I recommend this in areas that need highlighting like cheekbones or the t-zone.  It tends to be oily when applied to whole face as a base (not suitable for very oily skin type). So I like to use it as a highlighter after my Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream.  It gives my cheekbones a pretty light glowing light pink tint. But dear ladies, if you want to have a bright skin, then this has to be your base.

Frozen blossoms’ thoughts…
I’m addicted to Korean cosmetics and Lioele is one of the top and favorite product in my list.  It is a great buy.  Feel your womanhood, flaunt your good skin and highlight it with this fabulous shimmering base!!!
As usual I Love Lioele!!!
Good night!!!


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