Monday, August 1, 2011

Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher

Who would not like a pretty and blooming velvety pinkish skin?  Rosy cheeks ladies… anyone?
So from my usual online hauls, I found this Etude House Peach Cheek Blushes Collection.  I had high hopes.  In short I bought it.  Well, sad to say I was disappointed…
Let us talk about the product first…
It comes in a cute, peach, round container.  It has a foam/puff attached with the cover, like a stamp.  The look is totally new to me (normally blush on comes with brushes).

Color , texture and scent
I got the Happy Pink (#3).  I love the color—baby pink (anything pink is cute to me).  The texture of the blush is between powdery, silky and velvety.  The blush is unscented but the strong odor of the puff mixes with it (very strong rubber scent) which is very disturbing.
Product’s promise
“Stamp blusher creates vivid cheek expression with lovely colors for oil absorbing and long lasting blush.”
I tried to apply it right after my bb cream to complete my blooming look.  Literally, I stamped it on my cheeks but of course I don’t want a circle blush on so I used my fingers to blend it out.   I was shocked!  I can barely notice any happy pink or rosy cheeks.  All I can see are powdery white cheeks.   My son chuckled when he saw me and said “Mom, check yourself, lessen your powder.” 
Most embarassing...
Frozen blossoms thoughts…
Honestly, it made me look like a geisha.  Maybe I just got the wrong product on my skin color and skin type.  It didn’t blend well with my skin. =( Maybe it will to others but that would be the last time I’ll be using it.


  1. I didn't like the powder blush since before try their Etude H20 proof aquatint cherry. I have been using it since I first bought it. less consuming, energy efficient from morning till night kahit nagpapawis still blushing... Love it...

  2. Hi dear, I love Etude house product too, nice review!! :D

    visit me back okay :)

  3. @mary grace - maybe I got the wrong product for my skin type and color... I'll try that sis thanks...:)

  4. @cominica - thanks for visiting:) I will visit your site as well...:)