Saturday, August 6, 2011

Etude House Color My Brows - #01 Rich Brown

I was still young when Brooke Shields’ eyebrows became fad.  They accentuate the gorgeous eyes and they complete her lovely smile.  Well, gone are those days of bushy and thick eyebrows (trend during the 80’s…).  Thankfully…hehehe… I was not blessed with such eyebrows.
I’m blogging again with a newly found creation – Etude House Color My Brows.  I still need a visible and well-groomed eyebrow though.  I have been into pencil eyeliners ever since to shade my brows.  However, I had problems with frequent retouching from time to time since they come off when I sweat or when my face turns oily (how embarrassing…).  I felt like an incomplete painting.  So here goes a brief review of the product…
What about it…
Etude House Color My Brows is a liquid eyebrow liner that comes in a wand with mascara comb to set, shade and moisten the brows for a refined natural look. I got the #01 Rich Brown color to match my hair and my skin tone.
It comes with a very exquisite packaging.
Brow Mascara

How to use it…
Make sure eyebrows are trimmed or well-groomed, if you have not so thin eyebrows (hair are still visible from apart), you can directly comb them with the wand to enhance the color.  But if you have thin eyebrows, you can shade it first with a waterproof eyebrow color then top it off with the brow mascara to make the hair thicker. The hair strands get coated as you comb it with wand thus making it look like your brows have more hair. =)

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
What I love about this product is how it makes my eyebrows look thicker without giving me the tattooed eyebrows look.  The color is so subtle and natural.  You’ll definitely fall in love once you try it.
Good night… =)

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