Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chanel Soft Pressed Powder

Poudre Douce
Poudre Tendre Pressee
80 Peche Powder

Thanks God it’s Saturday again!!!
Let me just share something my Aunt Rina gave to me – My luxurious Chanel Soft Pressed Powder from Paris Gallery (DH218).  A bit pricey for a pressed powder but thank you very much Auntie, I really love it (I can’t afford it with my own money actually hehehe)!!!
The powder came in a box which is a picture of sophistication and elegance, ivory black and gold. I can imagine it telling me, “Handle me with care sweetheart.” =) So IT Girl!!!  The powder is in stylish shiny black compact with a velvet pouch, to keep it from scratches.  It has a puff in a separate pouch, very soft it felt like a feather on skin which makes it very hygienic (used puff does not have to stay in contact with the powder). 
The box, already messed up from my piles of make ups.

The compact and the puff in velvet pouch

“The beauty of sheer loose powder in a convenient compact for application any time, anywhere.  Sets and perfects make up, while light-reflecting pigments enhance and highlight skin’s natural radiance.”
Chanel soft pressed powder is very light and very very translucent.  It can’t conceal blemishes though if used alone.  However, it is very good to set your favorite bb cream or any foundation (designed for this actually).  But I love wearing it without any makeup, I usually apply it on easy days where I have all the luxury time to check myself and in occasions that I need not make my face too much for strolling, malling, movies and others.  Well, my face is literally greasy, this pressed powder won’t really last long. 
fine sof pressed powder

compact and puff
back part
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
This is very ideal for normal to not so oily skin.
It didn’t cause my skin to break out, it is very translucent and it felt so light on (as if it’s bare).  As much as it made me feel like a movie star, I think it is very impractical to invest in a very expensive pressed powder unless you have all the means (very costly very high end).  Don’t get me wrong auntie I love it!!!  If ever, I will receive another Chanel as a present I will accept it with arms wide open!!! Lol
Good night!!!
PS... I actually wrote this last night but I was already too sleepy to post it...=)

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