Friday, August 19, 2011

BENEFIT – Your Brightening Makeup

Good evening ladies,
This morning, I was surprised by a very nice package.  Leah, my boss and kumare (godmother to my son),  handed it to me – a gift set!   It was a present from my other kumare overseas, Miles.  I was blown away by the sexy hot pink box which says Finding Mr. Bright, Your Brightening Makeup Manual from Benefit.  I quickly opened it with all smiles.  The lovely gift set contains four Benefit products and I can’t wait to try each one asap.  I hurried to our backroom (office), read the manual and tried all of them.  Indeed, a perfect timing for the weekend. =)
A it's adorable!

B it's so beautiful!
I’ll just recap the cutie manual… it says
“My 5 tips to finding mr. bright” by Miss Thing…aka “The Dating Doctor.”
C it's so cutie and full of charm!
1.   Girl meets Pearl
For allover lit-from-within glow, lightly blend this golden pink liquid pearl accent on top of makeup…or wear it alone, anytime you want his gaze to linger.  He’ll be begging to know, “Who’s that foxy girl in pearl?”

This morning I was already made with my favorite makeup routine—pore balm topped with my BB cream.  So I decided to wear and blend it on top all over my face. (It came in lilac tube.) It was just stunning, I love the natural pinkish glow of my face.  It didn’t feel greasy at all.  And it was so light after it already set off.

2.    Posietint
“Get a natural, poppy-pink flush to rival the girl next door…apply 3 small strokes of this long-wearing tint onto the apples of your cheeks & blend quickly with your fingertips in an outward sweeping motion.  Layer for more color… it’s kiss-proof, of course!”

While I’m chatting with my colleagues in the backroom of our office, I was busy trying the cheek tint (the glamorous metallic pink bottle is so adorable).  =) As instructed, I applied an adequate amount on my cheeks and used my finger tips to blend it outward.  Miles was right, the tint is not tacky.  It gave me a natural baby pink blush (giggles).  I am in love!
 I’ll try it on my lips tomorrow. =)
3.   High Beam
“Irresistible to any man, I’m a guaranteed “pick me up”… wear me as a liquid spotlight for your cheekbones, brow bone & bridge of your nose.  The effect is dream… the proof is in your sudden surge in suitors.”

Then, I applied this luminescent complexion enhancer on my cheekbones.  They made it more prominent and higher, thus I felt youthful.  I also brushed some on my brow bones highlighting my eyes, making them look brighter.  I applied the same on the bridge of my nose.  I love how it emphasized the focal point of m face, my nose. Perfect!

4.   Erase Paste
“ What he can’t see won’t hurt him! Erase the look of flaws in a flash with this creamy, industrial- strength concealer… dab a dot on imperfections or swipe it under your eyes to help reduce the appearance o dark circles & discoloration until dawn. Presto…perfection!”
The clock was already ticking, my post is calling me to start my work!  Gee!  I will try this soon, and I will write a separate review or perhaps update on this post. =)

5.       Look for love in all the right places… find mr. bright in your makeup bag!!!
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
Thank you so much my Kumareng Miles for my first ever Benefit makeup.  I love every bit and I can’t wait to check out the other products!!!
I had a not so cool Friday ending but your gift made my day!!!
Good night!!!


  1. Shucks! You have this set. I really want to try using Posietint. I mean love Lioele's Blooming Pop Pinky Tint but Posietint really has good reviews. :3 I suppose the Lioele one is the more affordable version of Posietint but I can't help but want it anyway.

    So do these products look ok naman even if you have oily skin? Not greasy looking the entire day or may time na medyo greasy yung dating? Just curious. Thank you so much for your time!

  2. My kumare from Benefit Dubai gave it to me, I love the Posietint, it looks natural. I think any brightening make up makes the face oily, touching it up will do (not greasy lookin naman). =)

  3. Sige, will take note of that! I plan to get one of the Benefit sets this December kasi. Yung may Project Flawless :) It also has Girl Meets Pearl. I want to try that product pero yun nga lang. So afraid na mukhang oily ako after. Will take note re: touch ups.

    Thanks, Senzy! :)