Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Sunday with Missha 3d Essence Sheet Mask in Milk and Honey

It is a day I intended to spend solely with my son, Remus and my hubby, Rex.  I am a five-day busy mom devoting this one extraordinary day to them.  I usually perk up a little bit early (9am) so I could tidy the house before they wake up.  Along with my usual routine is a blast of my favorite Kpop selections from SS501, KHJ, Super Junior, Rain, etc.  (I guess it is freaking my neighbors…) My boys are accustomed to have early lunch on weekends thus part of the plan is to prepare something sumptuous. I decided to cook Batac Longganisa as the main course and reheated some of the leftovers got from a party last night (hahaha). I am a frustrated chef but at least I try to prepare our food personally once a week.  Not so bad right?
After which, I settled on watching the noontime variety show ASAP while I tried writing something.  Then suddenly I remembered a sample given to me, MISSHA 3d essence sheet mask – Milk and Honey.  I tried it on while I do my stuff.  I cannot make a full review on this one since it’s too pre-mature to write something on a product I tried just once.  One thing is absolute; it definitely refreshed and relaxed my face from my tiring week.
Then before the day ended, my family and I decided to go shopping, my husband went looking for books, my son dragged me to the toy store and I hauled around the ladies’ section. 
The sweetest days are spent with family, so find time to share it with them!!!

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