Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peaches like Thursday

Finally waking up at 9am on Thursday morning, a little bit late compared to my daily rising.  It is my most awaited day of the week.
I started it with my favorite cup of not so hot chocolate; continued it with a little bit of mommy duties: housekeeping;  pampered myself with my favorite body scrubs and scents;  visited my son’s school to follow up his improvements;   visited the nail salon for my weekly pedicure and went to the market to buy China wares.  The list may seem long but I finished everything before 12 noon.
I plan to spend my remaining day watching one of my favorite Korean drama, Princess Hours AGAIN, have a good laugh with the funny scenes and cry ones in a while.
Life is simple. Happiness can be achieved when you do the things you love the most!
Like the sweet peaches, I just love today!!!
me and my unmade face...fresh from the bed :)

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