Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

It is such a drizzly day.  I have to drag myself out of the bed because of the stubborn colds that makes my head so heavy.  I want to call in sick but I’m so excited to wear the cute and adorable pink blouse that I bought yesterday at a local boutique and I’m expecting the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream that I ordered from my online reseller as well. 
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++
It came with a stylish hot pink box with gold highlights.  The packaging is really princess-like.  It reminded me of Disneyland.  Inside the box, of course, is the exquisite tube in baby pink and white.  I was definitely entranced by the packaging.
I purchased the 50 ml cream for Php999.00 from one of my favorite ebay resellers, BIGTOKYO.  It is pricey compared to other BB creams but I am confident with it so I decided to buy the full sized bottle.    Well, I was able to try the product when I got the two pieces sample from my previous online haul which lasted only for four days.
Consistency / Texture / Scent
The consistency of the cream is pretty thick and blending is quite troublesome at first but you have to pump an adequate amount then gradually apply to face and neck. (I am more comfortable using my finger tips than using a bb cream or concealer brush though.)  It has a very light powdery scent which gradually fades as the cream sets.

Tone and Coverage
This BB cream comes in one tone and it is ideal for medium to fair skin type.  It is definitely pale upon initial application but it easily sets in less than five minutes.  I love the fact that it self-adjusts to skin, giving the not so matte and not so dewy finish--porcelain glow.  It has very good coverage, not so sheer, but it doesn’t give you the “well-done” look.  I’m impressed by how natural it is after it has set and how comfortable my skin felt.  (It doesn’t give the “suffocated-skin” feeling.)  The oil control is great too.  I just had to blot it with facial paper at lunch time and in the afternoon around 5pm (so that’s almost every 4-6hours). 
-          Great oil control, it makes the skin moist not oily.
-          It comes with a very hygienic pump.
-          Good coverage – whether with severe or mild cases of blemishes.
-          It gives porcelain finish.
-          SPF30 / PA++
-          I t didn’t cause me to break out.

-          It is very pricey.
-          Only a few resells this product. 
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts:  

I will definitely buy this product again.  I highly recommend it to those who want a good coverage and those who have a very sensitive and acne prone skin. 
So that’s it for today. =)


  1. waah I love LIOELE, they always come with such a cute packaging. rite? ^^ thanks for the review =)

  2. indeed very girly and cute packaging and excellent bb creams as well, thank Lina for droppin' by =)

  3. Thank you so much for loving our products!!!

    <3 Lioele US <3

  4. you are welcome :) i heart lioele :)