Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Korean Cosmetics: BB Cream Overview

Every time I watch my favorite Korean dramas or tune in to my favorite Korean channels, I often wonder how come the actors have this super clear, flawless, silky and very smooth skin.  I presumed that it is in their DNA, but comparing to the Japs and Taiwanese actors, the Korean skin have a different glow.  That was the time when I came to know about this famous Blemish Balm cream or famously known as the BB cream.
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So I started reading reviews , ads and researching why this product gained so much attention among Asians.

To give you a brief description, BB cream is a complete regimen for everybody. It is a bit pricey but take a look at the inclusions when you avail one. Smile honey!!!
  1. Sunscreen – ranging from spf 20-40 depending on the brand
  2. Moisturizing – all BB creams have this factor
  3. Hydrating – BB cream for normal to dry skin
  4. Whitening
  5. Anti – darkening
  6. Anti – wrinkle – depending on the brand
  7. Concealing effect
  8. Zero oil – products for normal to oily skin
  9. Self adjusting to skin tones
  10. Stay all day power
  11. Foundation, make up base and primer in one
Here are the general benefits when you use BB creams. I am not a “make up guru” but I highly recommend the use of one.

Please feel free to visit my page and read my reviews / feedback on the BB cream I already tried.

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