Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freebies and lots of samples...

I went to bed very late last night.  WHY?  BLOG.COM which happened to be my previous blog host kept on prompting an error.  I was pissed off for being helpless.  I even tried to seek assistance from their technical support, still my concern was unresolved.  It was frustrating, I decided to sign up with Blogspot now BLOGGER and I was very pleased. I should have used this one instead.
I woke up early to pimp my account and start a fresh blog.  I continued my day with the “mom duties” and this…collecting samples and freebies from my purchases. hehehe


  1. where do you buy your stuffs with freebies. I also want!!! So expensive etude house with no freebies!!! Grrrr

  2. Iam from the province so I get them from my favorite ebay resellers...bigtokyo, gaillygirl