Sunday, July 24, 2011

Manic Mornings...

 I am a very busy mom.  In the morning, you can always see me rushing.  It is always manic—waking up at least 2 hours before my work time, prepping the water for hot coffee or chocolate, taking a shower, and fixing myself up.

My previous morning regimen includes washing my face with lemon soap, toning, moisturizing, applying sun block, and then applying any pressed powder.  I am not particular with brands.  I use whatever gifts received from grannies and aunts from abroad; just imagine the chaos of assorted brands from the bathroom to the dresser.  It is a variety of used and unused cosmetics ranging from Chanel to YSL.  They know I am a lotion-body-wash-make up-scent junkie so I always get those stuffs from them.  I am very thankful, though, since branded cosmetics are very costly.

That was so last season now.  My mornings are less stressful.  Thanks to blemish balm creams!  I just wash my face with my favorite soap free cleanser,  apply a small amount of my favorite BB cream on my face and neck, a little eyebrow grooming, a lipstick and I am all set for the day.
Very simple indeed and I just love it.

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