Sunday, July 24, 2011

HALLYU… Korean Wave

The popularity of Korean wave is spreading like a brushfire in all Asian countries.  It started its first wave in Japan, moving to China and Taiwan, to Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Many reviews have been made about why, of all culture, Korea has been successful in reaching out so much so that people of other cultures chant KPOP while poring over translations, enjoy Korean meal even if they were not used to hot spices, go to Korean parlor and get a Korean haircut, and the like.
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From my point of view, as an avid supporter of this craze, Korean wave carries with it a special and unique taste.  Korean dramas showcase a variety of good plots, which tackles love, family, and friendship; addictive soundtracks performed by very talented Korean stars; and high powered actors and actresses with flawless skin and trendy—very up to date—looks against a backdrop of country scenic landscapes and culture.  How can someone not fall in love with such surging wave?
I really want to share this passion to everybody.  

Good vibes peeps!!!

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