Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

Today, I’m blogging about something that made me uncomfortable in the past -- my full, plumpy, pouty lips.  Thanks to Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips for beginning the trend on flaunting a very sexy asset.  I am more confident now and let us face it, a full lip is pretty mesmerizing on its own.  =)
To begin with, I have dark pigments naturally on my full lips.  The dermatologist said it is due to my acidity level and my occasional smoking, which worsen the condition.  It is a good thing I discovered Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer.
What is it…
It comes in skin tone shade that conceals lip blemishes naturally and raises lipstick or lip gloss presentation.  It is formulated with silicone coating powder that supplies moist and holds lip color cleanly.  It also contains vitamin E and mango butter to keep lips hydrated and nourished. (By the way, the texture is mousse-like.)
How to use it…
I like to keep my lips moisturized, so I always apply my favorite lip balm first,  then I apply Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer using my ring finger to even it out and followed it up with my favorite lipstick.  (If you have those super bright colored lipstick you can use this product to tone it down. )
My lips after I applied the lip concealer.
Nude lipstick
Sorry for the facial hair. =)
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…  I have been using this product for months now.  I will definitely purchase it again. 
And of course, the look is not complete without flashing the best smile. Right?
Good night.

Saturday Restday with Lioele Pore Clean & Tight Pack

When I was in my teen years, Saturday would mean gimmick day. Oh how I miss those days, shopping with friends in the afternoon, getting pampered in nail salons and club hopping in the evening  (gone are those days  =).
Now, a mom of one cuty pretty boy, Saturday would mean pedia visits, housekeeping, cooking, and playing (to name a few).  But of course I still find time to pamper myself.  Today, I tried another wonder--LIoele Pore Clean & Tight Pack, another freebie from my reseller.
What about it…
Lioele Pore Clean & Tight Pack helps remove excess oil, exfoliates, helps unblock pores and tightens skin.  It is very ideal for oily skin types with blackheads and whiteheads.
How to use it…
Apply product to entire face, avoid the sensitive area like skin around the eyes and lips.  Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.  You will feel the skin tighten while the mask hardens.   Afterwards wash your face with warm water.  It is ideal to apply this on a weekly basis.
How it looks…
The product is grayish in color, the texture is creamish and muddish, very thick.  It felt good on skin. 
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
 Another item on my cart… =)  I have a very oily skin, I occasionally get break outs,  I have blackheads and white heads on the t-zone area.  And I am confident that this product will do me wonders just like the 2 other products that never let me down.
Till here and goodnight…(oopsss no picture of me with the pact on my face I forgot to bring the camera inside the bathroom hehehe).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

Thanks God it is Friday Again!  Given the bad weather, I just wish everybody to have a safe weekend.  As for me, I’m planning to stay home, spend it with family and cuddle.  But before anything else, I just want to share something good to use on any season, may it be spring, summer, rainy days, autumn, or winter—the Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm.  I got this wonderful item as a freebie from my reseller.  Again, I was charmed by Lioele’s trademark of elegant yet girly packaging.  (Appealing package really plays a vital role in marketing… he he he) 

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm is a smooth photo finish primer.  It minimizes pores and increases elasticity of the skin for a more smooth and youthful appearance.  It contains a new technology that diffuses light for a matte finish.  The balm makes your bb cream / foundation/ make up last longer. 
After my usual morning bathe, I decided to give it a try.  I applied it to my towel dried, bare skin.  It felt soft silky to apply like touching a rose petal  (It felt like a silicone balm).  It gave me an instant natural matte skin tone.  Then I applied my Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, it glided smoothly and blended evenly.  (I didn’t have trouble blending it due to the thickness of the cream.)  I didn’t have to set it with any loose/ pressed or compact powder and went straight to my office.

It was a tough day.  I had only once to check myself and that was during my lunch break.  And believe me, from my usual so shiny and oily face, I didn’t have to blot it with the facial paper or do some retouching.  It is indeed great in sebum control as promised by the product. 
I super like this product.  It’s expensive but it is worth it.
Frozen blossoms’ thoughts…I am buying the full sized bottle!!!  Simply amazing product.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

It is such a drizzly day.  I have to drag myself out of the bed because of the stubborn colds that makes my head so heavy.  I want to call in sick but I’m so excited to wear the cute and adorable pink blouse that I bought yesterday at a local boutique and I’m expecting the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream that I ordered from my online reseller as well. 
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++
It came with a stylish hot pink box with gold highlights.  The packaging is really princess-like.  It reminded me of Disneyland.  Inside the box, of course, is the exquisite tube in baby pink and white.  I was definitely entranced by the packaging.
I purchased the 50 ml cream for Php999.00 from one of my favorite ebay resellers, BIGTOKYO.  It is pricey compared to other BB creams but I am confident with it so I decided to buy the full sized bottle.    Well, I was able to try the product when I got the two pieces sample from my previous online haul which lasted only for four days.
Consistency / Texture / Scent
The consistency of the cream is pretty thick and blending is quite troublesome at first but you have to pump an adequate amount then gradually apply to face and neck. (I am more comfortable using my finger tips than using a bb cream or concealer brush though.)  It has a very light powdery scent which gradually fades as the cream sets.

Tone and Coverage
This BB cream comes in one tone and it is ideal for medium to fair skin type.  It is definitely pale upon initial application but it easily sets in less than five minutes.  I love the fact that it self-adjusts to skin, giving the not so matte and not so dewy finish--porcelain glow.  It has very good coverage, not so sheer, but it doesn’t give you the “well-done” look.  I’m impressed by how natural it is after it has set and how comfortable my skin felt.  (It doesn’t give the “suffocated-skin” feeling.)  The oil control is great too.  I just had to blot it with facial paper at lunch time and in the afternoon around 5pm (so that’s almost every 4-6hours). 
-          Great oil control, it makes the skin moist not oily.
-          It comes with a very hygienic pump.
-          Good coverage – whether with severe or mild cases of blemishes.
-          It gives porcelain finish.
-          SPF30 / PA++
-          I t didn’t cause me to break out.

-          It is very pricey.
-          Only a few resells this product. 
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts:  

I will definitely buy this product again.  I highly recommend it to those who want a good coverage and those who have a very sensitive and acne prone skin. 
So that’s it for today. =)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BB Creams on my list

Like most of  the other ladies, my oily skin has always been my concern and it took me years to find the suited powder / foundation.  I have tried different well-known western brands like Mac, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, Loreal, Max Factor, in2it, etc. to name a few.  They are very costly, yet I am not satisfied with the result. They tend to get too dark on my skin.  I even tried local products like Avon, Fuller Life, Nichido, Ever Bilena, etc. worst outcome, sorry to say.

The BB creams I use, are all the lightest shades. But you can have other shades depending on you skin color. I will give you just a brief description of the products I have already tried.
All the items I listed in this note are recommended (since I already tried them).  As you see, I am now a diehard fan of BB cream.  And yes, it does give wonders to skin – no break outs so far (hehehe).

I hope this can help you choose what BB cream to purchase.
Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream – #1 Sheer silky skin

Main strengths of this product:
  1. Uv Protection – SPF30++ / PA++
  2. Anti-Wrinke and whitening
  3. Anti-darkening
“Precious mineral BB cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage.”  This is good for the oily skin type. The texture is pretty thick, just put a small amount – pea size and gently apply all over the face and neck.  The coverage is very light and it gives you the KPOP star glow.
Etude House Collagen Moisfull BB cream #1

Main strengths of this product:
  1. Uv Protection – SPF30++ / PA ++
  2. Whitening and Anti- Wrinkle
  3. Mineral oil free, ethanol and paraben free
“Moist BB cream supplies collagen to strengthen derma integrity and promotes youthful skin”. If you want to get the dewy finish then this will suit you.  I usually use this on windy or rainy days.  It tends to be so oily on my skin on hot days. Best for dry skin.

Etude House BB Magic Cream – Refreshing

The refreshing one comes in light lotion which is suitable for oily skin.  This BB cream comes in one shade only and I think it is too dark for my complexion.  But the coverage is really light and you can attain the “no make up look” with this product.

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

“Rich with aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skincare product provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protection from UV rays.” It has SPF20+ PA+.
What I love about this product is that it gives me the very light coverage and the dewey finish (bagong hilamos look).  But if you have lots of skin imperfections, I think this won’t work on your skin since the concealing effect is not great. It is great for the normal to oily skin.
Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB Cream – # 1 Tomboy Chris

Main strengths of this product:
  1. Uv Protection – SPF36, PA++
  2. Anti-wrinkle
  3. Whitening
  4. For sensitive skin
“This multi-functional BB cream with non-comedogenic ingredients is safe for SENSITIVE skin as well as delivering anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection effects. And this BB cream makes the skin naturally radiant.” I love wearing this when I go outdoors since it has a better sunscreen specification.  And with its light coverage it is good for sporty activities. No fear of getting the cakey look after sweating.
Tony Moly Lovely BB cream – Natural

“Skin protection cream of novel concept which long lasts the expression of skin uniform and glossy by covering the defects of skin effectively.”
I particularly use this at night because of the sparkling effects on my skin.  It is also very light and you will get the fresh look and glowing skin during parties

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

The product claims:
"Our Instant Skin Perfecting Cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients. The unique earth colour shade instantly improves and perfects your skin:
1) Brighten skin: visible whitening effect
2) Covers imperefections: reduce the appearance of pores, skin redness disappears
3) Moisturisers + Protects: all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radicals"

The first ever BB cream I ever tried. Very affordable and it is not hard to find.  It goes with one shade and it is self adjusting to your skin type and skin tone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Korean Cosmetics: BB Cream Overview

Every time I watch my favorite Korean dramas or tune in to my favorite Korean channels, I often wonder how come the actors have this super clear, flawless, silky and very smooth skin.  I presumed that it is in their DNA, but comparing to the Japs and Taiwanese actors, the Korean skin have a different glow.  That was the time when I came to know about this famous Blemish Balm cream or famously known as the BB cream.
Photo Credits: Google Photos
Princess Hours Sweetheart
So I started reading reviews , ads and researching why this product gained so much attention among Asians.

To give you a brief description, BB cream is a complete regimen for everybody. It is a bit pricey but take a look at the inclusions when you avail one. Smile honey!!!
  1. Sunscreen – ranging from spf 20-40 depending on the brand
  2. Moisturizing – all BB creams have this factor
  3. Hydrating – BB cream for normal to dry skin
  4. Whitening
  5. Anti – darkening
  6. Anti – wrinkle – depending on the brand
  7. Concealing effect
  8. Zero oil – products for normal to oily skin
  9. Self adjusting to skin tones
  10. Stay all day power
  11. Foundation, make up base and primer in one
Here are the general benefits when you use BB creams. I am not a “make up guru” but I highly recommend the use of one.

Please feel free to visit my page and read my reviews / feedback on the BB cream I already tried.

Simply Christine

"Women spend a lot of time on their appearance and beauty care. Makeup plays a vital role in doing this. Makeup brands do their best to provide you with makeup products, which are necessary to look young and beautiful. Lipstick is an inseparable part of makeup for most women. "

 I am a make up junkie but I don't over do it. In this picture; I am using my first ever BB cream that my husband bought last summer--Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream (Sorry for the lighting... I am just a bad photographer hehehe), eyebrow tint in light brown shade, mascara and a nude lipstick.

I believe that even in the simplest day out, a girl or a woman should always look her best without overdoing it. Smile brightly!!! That will complete all the look...:)

Good morning!

My name is Christine...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA+

BB cream has been my passion since I discovered it.  Today I will be sharing another BB cream from my collection.  I purchased the full sized product with the lightest shade (#1) from my ebay reseller (direct from Korea) since it’s more economical, though, you can get this product from the skinfood boutiques as well. 
My SkinFood Aloe Sun BB Cream
Product’s promise:  "Rich with aloe, which posseses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skin product (UV protector and blemish corrector) provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protectin from UV rays."

The texture of this cream is thin yet creamy, easy to blend, surprisingly matte,  and adjusts well to skin tone. 

The coverage is very very sheer giving the naturally air-brushed complexion.   

The scent is so fresh like cucumber. I love it.  This product especially suits people with sensitive skin and leaves skin feeling moisturized as well.

I used it for several times and it tends to get so oily on my skin you'll just have to blot it with facial paper once in a while. 

Till here... :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freebies and lots of samples...

I went to bed very late last night.  WHY?  BLOG.COM which happened to be my previous blog host kept on prompting an error.  I was pissed off for being helpless.  I even tried to seek assistance from their technical support, still my concern was unresolved.  It was frustrating, I decided to sign up with Blogspot now BLOGGER and I was very pleased. I should have used this one instead.
I woke up early to pimp my account and start a fresh blog.  I continued my day with the “mom duties” and this…collecting samples and freebies from my purchases. hehehe

Manic Mornings...

 I am a very busy mom.  In the morning, you can always see me rushing.  It is always manic—waking up at least 2 hours before my work time, prepping the water for hot coffee or chocolate, taking a shower, and fixing myself up.

My previous morning regimen includes washing my face with lemon soap, toning, moisturizing, applying sun block, and then applying any pressed powder.  I am not particular with brands.  I use whatever gifts received from grannies and aunts from abroad; just imagine the chaos of assorted brands from the bathroom to the dresser.  It is a variety of used and unused cosmetics ranging from Chanel to YSL.  They know I am a lotion-body-wash-make up-scent junkie so I always get those stuffs from them.  I am very thankful, though, since branded cosmetics are very costly.

That was so last season now.  My mornings are less stressful.  Thanks to blemish balm creams!  I just wash my face with my favorite soap free cleanser,  apply a small amount of my favorite BB cream on my face and neck, a little eyebrow grooming, a lipstick and I am all set for the day.
Very simple indeed and I just love it.

Enjoying free samples and Etude House Natural Mask in Pomegranate and Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Good morning!!!
It has been another day for me to rest and chill!!!  Nothing much to say today but a few words on free samples I tried. =)
Etude House Natural Mask (Pomegranate)
The pack says “Essence mask contains pomegranate additives that nourish for a healthy complexion.  Tension fit design for improved facial adhesion and comfort.”  To enjoy facial masks, chill them a bit before using to feel more refreshing and relaxing.  Let it dry on your face, peel of the mask, and enjoy the soothing effect.
After bathing, I tried to apply another sample (hehehe).
 Lioele Triple the solution BB Cream
“The Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream features anti UV protection (SPF30 PA++), anti wrinkle care, whitening and moisturizing effects.  It includes vegetable based collagen to help smoothen the skin.”
It was thick and not so easy to blend.  On first application, it feels heavy on my skin and its way way lighter than my skin color.  I was thinking of washing my face again but I decided to let it set.  I busied myself with the TV right until hubby arrived home.  He was stunned by my complexion.  It blended well giving me a glowing silky finish.  I will definitely buy this on my next shopping.

That’s it for today… ;)

Sweet Sunday with Missha 3d Essence Sheet Mask in Milk and Honey

It is a day I intended to spend solely with my son, Remus and my hubby, Rex.  I am a five-day busy mom devoting this one extraordinary day to them.  I usually perk up a little bit early (9am) so I could tidy the house before they wake up.  Along with my usual routine is a blast of my favorite Kpop selections from SS501, KHJ, Super Junior, Rain, etc.  (I guess it is freaking my neighbors…) My boys are accustomed to have early lunch on weekends thus part of the plan is to prepare something sumptuous. I decided to cook Batac Longganisa as the main course and reheated some of the leftovers got from a party last night (hahaha). I am a frustrated chef but at least I try to prepare our food personally once a week.  Not so bad right?
After which, I settled on watching the noontime variety show ASAP while I tried writing something.  Then suddenly I remembered a sample given to me, MISSHA 3d essence sheet mask – Milk and Honey.  I tried it on while I do my stuff.  I cannot make a full review on this one since it’s too pre-mature to write something on a product I tried just once.  One thing is absolute; it definitely refreshed and relaxed my face from my tiring week.
Then before the day ended, my family and I decided to go shopping, my husband went looking for books, my son dragged me to the toy store and I hauled around the ladies’ section. 
The sweetest days are spent with family, so find time to share it with them!!!

HALLYU… Korean Wave

The popularity of Korean wave is spreading like a brushfire in all Asian countries.  It started its first wave in Japan, moving to China and Taiwan, to Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Many reviews have been made about why, of all culture, Korea has been successful in reaching out so much so that people of other cultures chant KPOP while poring over translations, enjoy Korean meal even if they were not used to hot spices, go to Korean parlor and get a Korean haircut, and the like.
Photo Credit: Google Photos
From my point of view, as an avid supporter of this craze, Korean wave carries with it a special and unique taste.  Korean dramas showcase a variety of good plots, which tackles love, family, and friendship; addictive soundtracks performed by very talented Korean stars; and high powered actors and actresses with flawless skin and trendy—very up to date—looks against a backdrop of country scenic landscapes and culture.  How can someone not fall in love with such surging wave?
I really want to share this passion to everybody.  

Good vibes peeps!!!

Etude House Oh m’ Eye Lash – Double Up Volume

They say that our eyes are the windows of our souls.  It is but fitting to put on a lot of effort and money to glam it up.

My hubby bought me another treasure from Etude House—the Oh m’ Eye lash Double Up Volume.  It’s a good partner to their My Lash Serum. 
Asians do have shorter eyelashes and this product will solve that problem.  It will double up the eyelash volume and it will make it look longer and thicker, emphasizing an Asian’s best asset—crystal clear black pupils.
It is great to use this every day.  It looks very natural.  So if you want to have that stunning eyes in an instant, add this as a must product in your daily style and have those eyes to die for.  There is no need for false eyelashes… a neat and impressive eyes will say it all ‘ayt! J

Etude House My Lash Serum

To my fellow make up junkies, hope you are all having a good week.  I am a huge fun of Etude House and I am happy to discover another effective product.  Thank you so much to my officemate, Stephanie, who unselfishly gave me an Etude House My Lash Serum.  She just said, “Try this one, it is an eyelash conditioner”.  I was amazed!  It was my first time to try a product formulated for eye lash care.
“The product promises to strengthen strand and vitality with essence care formula to prevent lash loss.   It also supplies nourishment and comfort to weary eye lines and lashes.”
It made me really excited to try it out.  I am a mascara freak and my lashes have been stressed out a lot.  I need something that will protect my lashes from falling off.
The product is very easy to use.   You apply it first to both eye lashes, let it dry out before applying your favorite mascara.   I personally recommend the Etude House Oh m’ Eye Lash – Double Up Volume for a fine finish.   You will feel the difference between stand alone mascara and using My lash serum as your base. The mascara will glide smoothly and will cover your lashes evenly thus preventing mascara smudges and blots in your eyelashes.
It has been a week now since I started using Etude House My Lash Serum and I am very pleased with the result…another very good make up innovation!
 High five! =)
Koreana, my stuffed toy's name. :)

Etude House Moistfull Collagen BB Cream

Product description
“Moistfull Collagen BB Cream supplies collagen to strengthen derma integrity and promote youthful skin.  This moisturizing Blemish Balm contains whitening and anti-wrinkle properties, and also provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Available in two shades to match your skin tone: 1 Light Beige and 2 Natural Beige.”

a gift from my husby

This product is very ideal for normal to dry skin.  It provides a dewy and glowing finish and hydrates the skin while it conceals imperfections. Continued use will lessen the appearance of wrinkles and will improve the skin complexion.

pretty thick 


caution - just apply pea sized to avoid this whiteness

Before applying this cream, caring is essentially needed.  Wash your face with cold running water, for hot water can dry out the skin more.  Be sure to use gentle cleanser (soap free), alcohol free toner, and moisturizer.  Follow it up with a pea sized BB cream on your face and neck, blend it well, and set it with your favorite pressed/compact powder.

My skin looked bright with this BB Cream

Your skin needs moisture to stay smooth and supple, use now and say bye bye to itchy and  flaky skin.

Till here... mwah!!!

Etude House BB Magic Cream – Refreshing

I can’t seem to compose something about myself tonight so I am sharing some stuff about my sister.  She is 7 years younger than me and she is as fair as snow white. Her skin is so delicate and sensitive, it gets irritated easily. 
my very pretty sis

So when she asked me to buy her BB cream, I put on a lot of effort to read reviews on products that will be suitable for her skin type.

I decided to get her the Etude House’s best selling BB Magic Cream, refreshing type.  

The product is affordably priced, of excellent quality and is exquisitely packaged.  It is formulated especially for oily and acne prone skin and I am 100% sure that she will love it.  And as usual, I always get her good stuff.  Right sis?  :)

I’ll just babble a little bit about this product since I tried it for a week (before sending her hehehe).  The cream comes in one color and adjusts to any skin tone of any shade.  The color is quite dark and beige which had me worried upon application to my medium fair skin.  Nevertheless, it adjusts accordingly and blends out beautifully well. It creates a good finish which feels like I am not wearing any make up at all.  

The cream did an excellent job in brightening my dull skin!
Till here…goodnight!

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Collection

From my usual online hauling of BB Creams, I discovered this Dr. Oil Solution Collection by Etude House.  My obsession drowns my top searches and online purchases into a stream of BB creams.  That’s how I came to discover this line of Etude House.  I am a type of girl who matches my compact with my BB, which may be expensive and lavish, but that’s simply the way I like it.
Etude House Dr. Oil Solution BB lotion
The BB lotion term made me really curious.  Lotion is way lighter than cream so I guess this type of BB is really good for natural skins of the tropics.  I decided to purchase it online to give it a try.  Its consistency is really lotion-like and it felt velvety on my skin.  I had fewer blemishes after putting it on making the coverage very natural on me giving me the nude or no makeup look with a refined glow. I just love it.

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Finish Pact

It’s a very cute compact and I especially like its handy design. The coverage is good as well andit goes with one shade only.  I use it to set the BB lotion and to redo my face especially during lunch breaks.  I am a frontliner so getting really really oily is a no no. Thanks to this collection—a long hectic day in the office is in control.

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-shine Mist
Finally, I also got the shine mist to freshen my face on hot days.  I occasionally use this one though due to its stinging effect on my face whenever I spray it on.

I think this collection of Etude House is good and I do personally recommend this to girls with oily, acne prone, skin.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Etude House Precious Mineral Collection

I f you want to look like your favorite idol, and get that silky skin you have been dreaming , try one of Etude House’s best selling BB cream—Precious Mineral BB Cream in Sheer Silky.  This reasonably-priced, charmingly-named, and dearly packaged product will surely catch any exquisite girl’s eye.  Through my usual net surfing, I discovered another creation that will flatter our skin.
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Sheer Silky
“This product promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage, moreover, it has the anti-wrinkle and whitening effectiveness.”  This variant is best formulated for oily and fair skin. The consistency of the cream is quite thick, therefore, blending is troublesome.  I suggest, moisturize first before applying a pea sized BB cream to attain the promised translucent coverage.  Just be cautious in applying too much as it will give you the odd pale unnatural look.  This is also excellent in concealing the blemishes, break outs, and other imperfections of the skin.  What’s more to this is the SPF30/PA++ which protects the skin from harmful UV rays.  In addition to all these benefits, daily use of this cream will whiten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Another first rate regimen to boost and maintain the youthful glow of the skin.
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact in Sheer Silky.
To achieve the dreamy glow of the skin Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact in Sheer Silky will complete the look.  This product contains skin brightening pearl powder to provide silky coverage, long lasting expression, and trouble care due to lavender aqua, known for helping the skin heal itself, and Angelica extracts, which can reduce inflammations.  Thus, it is very ideal for acne prone skin.  It also contains SPF25/PA++ to protect the face from harmful rays of the sun.
Use puff or a separate brush to apply the pressed powder to cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Gently pat to finish and you are all set.
These zero oil products are indeed great and beneficial to pamper skin without feeling guilty!!!