Friday, December 30, 2011

Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-on Eye Pencil - Underground

Hello ladies!!!

I missed this… it has been weeks since my last post.  It was always, meeting friends, parties plus mom duties took all my time but it was fun though.  I love the holidays!!!  Talking about the laughter, excitement and tons of gifts, thanks to everybody who remembered me, I just love everything.

First, I received my first ever Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-on Eye Pencil.  Thank you so much dear friend.  I love it. 

Thank you so much friend!!!

Urban Decay rocks!!!

everyday wear

metallic light brown - underground

To those who have been reading my blog.  It was never a secret that I don’t have the good brows that need no “drawing” LOL.  So this thing is really really perfect.  This one is intended actually to line the eyelids but I use them also to shade my brows.  The color I GOT IS JUST PERFECT! Lol 

It was an experiment on my part to use it as a brow pencil and it was a success.  It really lasted long, it didn’t worry me of the left or the right brows diminishing. =) 
I must say it looked natural on my brows hahaha.  I am just so happy.  You must be wondering coz it is kinda metallic but really it blended well with my brows.  I used it also to line my eyes…it glided well, love the creaminess, it doesn’t smudge.  Now you can see the metallic light brown that highlights my eye color.

i like it soft and light

The ultimate editor’s pick with five star rating…

“Creamy, forever-lasting, award-winning and waterproof, 24/7 pencils delight you with lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and unusually vibrant neutrals.” - From

Frozen Blossoms' reason for loving it...

It was formulated with 50% moisturizing ingredient in an urbane waterproof formula. 
It contains jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed oil.
24/7 Eye pencil - really long lasting
creamy when applied
easy to use
easy to blend

Neutral...(USD18.00 for 0.8g / 0.03 US oz)  really really pricey!!! =)  But I do believe as a consumer... I pay for the quality.

This was my first ever item from Urban Decay, I had read many good reviews of their make ups and I was really wishing of owning one but everything is really expensive.  So thanks again. =)

With much love I'm sharing it to you... happy reading!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sneak Peek to our closet sale!!!

Good morning!!!

It’s been a while since my last post… My days were filled with the thrill of Christmas rush like shopping, groceries, my daddy’s birthday and our closet sale.
Well, I had unpacked some of my things to give my closet new room for new ones.    Some of my unused stuff needs to find their new owner… my once loved bags, purses, pouches, clothes, belts, shoes, etc. 

It was fun selling in front of our porch with all the kids and neighbors flocking to get a piece of my super sale.  Items range from Php2.00 – 100.00.   That affordable!!! Designer bags for Php50.00 I must be crazy LOL.  I found happiness on the people with all smiles to take home the “unwanted stuff”,  to let my things go, knowing that they will be loved the same when I got them first.   You see, I’m quite very sentimental when it comes to my things.  This is actually my first ever closet sale ever since!!!

Just want to share a peek of our sale on its 3rd day!!! It was a blast... I took photos on our lunch break...

all Php50.00

a must have bag for Php50.00

a few left of my bags and purses for Php20.00 - Php50.00

my old Moschino Bag now Php 50.00

Assorted Tshirts Php 20.00

all denims for Php20.00

make up freebes for Php20.00 and Php5.00

Php5.00 - Php30.00

hahaha infront of the house

dresses by our window pane

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Come visit us!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow - Brown

Good evening,

I know this is not a new product from Etude House and a lot have posted their opinions and reviews on this product.  I might as well write my own say on this.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

I had been a fan of pencil eyeliners since high school to tint my eyebrows LOL.  Frequently there are times when one is already fading and I have to rush to retouch the brows or moments when a sharpener is out of reach so I need to sharpen the pencil liners with blade. LOL  Well, those experiences are already last season.

Hubby got me this Etude House Drawing Eye brow from his last haul in Baguio branch.  I must say he did pretty well in choosing what shade to buy…hmmmm.  He got me the brown shade which I think is just right for my skin tone. Brown looks good on Asian skin (not so dark, not so pale, fairer than the “morenas”) plus I do love coloring my hair brown so it is but right to match it with my hair.
hahaha you can't actually see my eyebrows...

This eyebrow liner is very affordable, convenient and really handy.  I love the twisting part (like a lipstick you can twist it up and twist it down afterwards to prevent it from messing), no sharpening worries...
you can twist it down when not using to prevent it from breaking

plus it comes with a brush which is helpful in grooming the brows  and blending.
 as well
it comes with a mascara-like brush

The lead is cut diagonally so it is easy to draw the eyebrows getting the natural shape and shade that you want. 

shaped for easy contouring of eyebrows

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

I like everything about it.
Really affordable.
Available in any Etude House stores and online stores.
Very handy.
It comes with a brush for eyebrow grooming and also for untangling the lashes after mascara application.
It gives a natural look.

I will repurchase! Definitely! 

Till here... Annyeong!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What’s up Laoag…

Christmas is just around the corner… I had my third run of shopping yesterday and decided to continue today but I am not feeling well due to an insect bite turned really reddish at my left elbow.  I had to visit our company doctor and my dermatologist to have it examined.  Aigoo… what a day… it has been a nuisance, the pain is making me irritable and really really moody.

Well… I am just hoping to get a peek at the opening of first ever SAVEMORE here in Ilocos. LOL Most of you might be laughing but yeah it’s true.  We had been living laid back in our humble city for decades with the Indian, Ilocano and Chinese owned bazaars and shops.  Slowly, the conservative Ilocos Region is opening its heart to urbanization and everybody is thrilled, some are hesitant though.

Well, for some cases, like me and my hubby who had enjoyed the city as kids.  He grew up in Fairview area, I grew up in the old streets of Manila.  I honestly miss this kind of ambiance though nothing compares to the serenity of living in the province.

After the pain relievers kicked off, I decided to take a peek and whoahhh… excited Ilocanoes like me were flocking outside the grocery LOL.  I passed and just took a pic.  I won’t risk my strength for good frozen chicken… =)  I’ll go check some time… not this week hehehe.

I snapped a shot from my Smart Netphone.

Aigoo!!! Expectators are very excited.

I decided to check Lacasa, a shop owned by a very prominent family in the Philippnes whose roots were from Ilocos Norte.  It showcased local and imported brands.  I’m so happy to find Basic House there, a Korean brand which collections were endorsed by Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Eun Hye (for 2010 collections) and Won Bin and Moon Geun Young (for 2011 collections).  The items are really really affordable, they got pretty limited stocks though. The shop also got stuffs from Folded and Hung, Wade Shoes and Accessories, and the very trendy Jellybean.  Aside from these, Filipinianas, native bags and accessories, assorted imported brands from Ralph Lauren to Vera Wang can also be found here.

My Basic House Haul

My JellyBean Haul - just in time for Christmas

I am very thrilled that things from the big city can now be slowly found here in the province.

 Way to go Laoag!!!

Good night!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ilocos Chill...White Christmas!!!

It has been an exciting week for me… the holiday rush keeps my adrenalin going.  I had been a mall rat since last week.  Aigoo… my list seems to stretch non-stop!!! LOL

Well, that is the spirit of Christmas, time to share the blessings… a simple token warms the heart right?

Along the excitement comes the series of parties.  We had our territory Christmas party last December 10, 2011 at the Palacio de Laoag Hotel.  It was a simple yet full of fun and surprises gathering of Smartees from Candon, Vigan and Laoag Retail Stores. 

Just want to share some of the moments…good friends…laughters…night filled with cheers!!!  Thanks for the gift of friendship!!! 

4d princess ME with Dashing Ria, Cuty Flor and Charmed Tina

with the Boss leah

My soul sister Tina and our Territory Sales Manager...Ma'am Ging

with CMO from Candon

Awardee... hehehe with Ma'am Mabelle, Ma'am leah and Ma'am Ging.

Wacky Ilocos Team!!! you!!!

Year 2011has been full of challenges, aches and laughters.  I hope that 2012, will be another fruitful year!!!  Merry Christmas in advance!!! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Glimmer Swirl Cream

Twenty-one days more to go and it’s already Christmas, my favorite time of the year (everybody’s favorite actually).  I love the breeze, the chilly air that smells like gifts and the wind that calls for layering, Korean fashion alert LOL.

At this month also, the skin tends to get burned from the wind making it really dry, itchy and scaly so daily hydration is a must.  I love this classic from Victoria’s Secret, their Beauty Rush collection which includes Body Glimmer Swirl Cream in CANDY, BABY.

“A sparkling twist on daily hydration!  Super-nourishing body cream with Provitamin B5 and Shea Butter quenches skin with shimmering moisture.  Glimmer up, and sugar-coat it with Candy, Baby scent.”

Helpful Contents
  It contains Sheah Butter which nourishes the skin.  It is also known for its greatness in retaining the natural moisture of the skin. It smoothens uneven skin tone, heals, repairs and rejuvenates skin making it more supple and bright.
     It contains Provitamin B5 which stabilizes the metabolism of the skin surface, it penetrates into the deep layers to stimulate formation of skin pigments making it fair and even.  It retains the natural moisture of the skin and helps it appear soft and smooth.

The cream, when dispensed looked thick and creamy but it is actually light when applied to skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin without the greasy and sticky feeling.

See how luscious it is.  A little bit of shimmer plus very good hydration makes the skin really healthy.

I must say my arm looks supple and velvety.

The product looks really great and glamorous, from the transparent bottle you can see a stripe/ swirly cream in off-white to light peach and bronze cream.  It is pretty exciting. You can actually see that the thick lotion is separate from the body glitter lotion.

I actually dropped it causing the bottom part to blend.

The nice part is the pump which dispenses both cream and glitter.  It is actually in a swirling motion (it’s like when you twist something) as you pump both are combined while pressure is pushed from the bottom of the container.

See the bottom / used part - pressure pushes upward when you dispense an amount

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

I super like
-       The candy scent,  I smell like a baby  LOL
-       The shimmer, my skin looks bright always
-       The Shea Butter, it keeps my skin young, hydrated and evenly fair.
-       The Provitamin B5, it keeps my skin healthy
-       The light feeling, not greasy and sticky
-       The pump, easy and clean dispensing

I had always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret products ever since.  It makes me feel like an angel as well. LOL Kidding aside, everything is just feminine!!! My hubby loves the VS lingerie as well lol!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask

Good afternoon!!!

I am quite bored from my second day of vacation leave, actually I am consuming my leave credits before the year ends.  I still have plenty though… =)  I decided to try this hair mask which I got from my online haul (Thanks gailygirl as usual for a smooth transaction).

I keep on telling all through this blog “naman” that I was not blessed with a great hair plus I do a lot of harmful styling.  My hair has been exposed to hair dye several times, ironing and curling so it’s but normal to feel it dry hehehe.  Salon hair treatments are good but kinda expensive so once in a while I do self hot oils or spas.

Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask


“Etude House Intensive Care Hair Mask is a hair treatment essence and cap moisturize improve hair health with nano-capsulated ceramide and botanical extracts.  Specially formulated to treat dry, damaged hair and scalp by balancing moisture and oil levels to promote healthy hair shine and texture.  Ideal for perm or dye treated hair.”  From the pack…

instructions and contents

It comes with 2 parts which is really new to me, a hair treatment and essence hair cap.  I usually treat my hair at home but products I buy do not contain an essence cap.

1.     1. Hair Treatment        
the treatment mask

It contains ceramide which improves hair health by penetrating each strand.  It repairs the natural properties of hair, decreases the breakage due to brittleness caused by relaxing, rebonding, bleaching, perming, coloring, etc.
It has lavender extracts and fragrances which is very calming.  These flower extracts promotes relaxation and lifts mood of people who have sleeping disorders.
It contains botanical extracts which balances the moisture and oil levels of the scalp to keep it from drying which harnesses bacteria that causes flaking or dandruff.

thick, lavender scented hair mask

            Directions… wet your hair, if you want shampoo it first, then apply the treatment to “slightly” wet hair (towel dried) from root to tips.

2.      2. Essence Hair Cap
the accupoints and essence cap inside

It looks pretty normal to me when I opened the other side of the pack, the shower cap comes in pretty pink just like the ones we can get at the grocery.  But when you take a look on the lining of the cap it contains a minimal essence, kind of oily thing =).

the essence cap

            Directions…cover the treatment coated hair with cap and massage the designated accupoints illustrated in the cover for 10 to 15 minutes.  So, I think this is what makes this treatment special.  The essence in the cap is used to promote good health as well, since the instruction says to massage points that improve blood circulation, soothe minor aches, scalp and hairline care, relieves muscle tension, stress relief and refreshing sensation.

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

-       I will definitely buy this again and treat my hair once a week
-       No =(
-       Love the lavender scent – relaxed me bigtime
-       It helped my treated hair, continuous usage will surely improve the condition
-       Very affordable for Php175.00 (almost USD 4.00) It's available at Etude House Stores.

It is such a good thing to keep the boredom away.  I was able to treat my hair, got relaxed and felt relived from all worries…

That’s it for today…annyeong!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Etude House Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua

Good evening!!!

Husby went to Baguio last weekend to attend a Social Science summit.  And as usual, he again was first to explore Etude House Baguio Branch to buy me gifts.  My location doesn’t give me the luxury to explore my favorite shops, I’m happy he does it for me.  LOL, I’m glad he was not embarrassed to go shopping for women stuff considering his manly looks. 

He got me the Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua and a Drawing Eyebrow (brown).    He definitely knows what will make me happy. =) I’m impressed! 

lovely cute box from husby

I will be talking about the powder first.

To give an overview, this is a loose powder for translucent glowing finish with oil-absorbing coverage.

product overview and instructions

Since I got an oily skin, sadly with pimps (haysss) lately, I use this after my favorite bb cream underneath to conceal the blemishes.  I use the one with great oil control and tea tree essence bb to keep them from multiplying LOL.  The powder is so fine and when used to set the bb cream / liquid foundation, it is so sheer with a light shimmer giving you a glow almost naturally blooming skin.  A matte finish skin topped with a little bit of translucent shimmer is just perfect. =)

first rate powder

super sheer

Oil control is good, it never gave me the greasy look after few hours (had to blot it of course) instead a healthy glow.   

This comes in a dainty pot with porcelain pink cover and a very very soft puff to gather the powder.  I love how the puff felt on skin, velvety and gentle.  I needed something gentle because of my skin condition.  (A rough puff getting contact with the face / skin can irritate blemishes more.)

the pot...very inviting =)

the puff that I love the most

small holes for controlled dispensing

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

            -oil control is great for a shimmery powder
            -translucent / sheer coverage
            -light shimmer giving the skin a healthy glow
            -very fine loose powder
            -soft like rose petals puff

            -scented, its light though
            -a bit expensive Php628.00, can be bought at any Etude House Stores

Overall… must have for KPOP enthusiast like me. =)